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Win A Set of Quick Cleat Boat Cleats

Enter to win a set of Quick Cleat Boat Cleats from Catfish Edge and Quick Cleat.  We're giving away two sets of Quick Cleat Model 325 for some lucky winners to upgrade their catfish boat.You can enter to win multiple times and multiple ways … [Read more]

Catfishing Radio, Here’s The Deal!

The Catfishing Radio podcast has been quiet for quite some time. Partially because of some technical issues we've  been addressing here at Learn To Catch Catfish which made podcasting difficult and partially because of the work we've been putting … [Read more]

Catfish Edge Trailer: Cutting Edge Catfishing

Last year I announced a new project I've been working on called Catfish Edge. It's the sole reason that everything has been so quiet here at Learn To Catch Catfish the latter part of 2013 and the driving factor behind some major changes in everything … [Read more]

Catfish Tackle and Gear Deals 2013 [Coupon Codes]

I'm not much of a shopper, in fact I really despise shopping and over the past ten years or so I’ve manage to find ways to stay out of stores as much as possible. It’s so bad that when I find a shirt or something I like (and that also fits me) I’ll … [Read more]

Catfish Edge Update, Where I’ve Been and More

I've been getting a ton of emails and messages on Twitter lately from people reaching out wanting to know if everything is OK since they've not heard anything in a while through the email subscribers list.I got so many messages last week I wanted … [Read more]

Southwest Outdoors Report [Hosted By Chad Ferguson]

I've been working with my friend Barry Stokes who hosts the Southwest Outdoors Report on Fox Sports Southwest for over ten years doing shows with him on catfish fishing. I've made a seven or eight appearances on the show in the past covering … [Read more]

Quick Cleat Boat Cleats For No Knot Anchoring and Mooring

Several months ago the team over at Quick Cleat contacted me and wanted me to check out their product. They’d read some of my suggestions for boat cleats and wanted me to try their product.They claimed they had a boat cleat that was better than … [Read more]

Catfish Edge Is Coming! Have You Got The Edge?

Several weeks ago I mentioned a project that I have been working on for quite some time here in the background that's the future of Learn To Catch Catfish.I wanted to begin releasing some of this information and sending some information out a … [Read more]

9 Catfish Fishing Tips For Late Summer Success

Every year when the dog days of summer set in I start to see the same questions and comments from catfish anglers all over the country.Many struggle with locating and catching catfish at all, many struggle catching the species of catfish they … [Read more]

Google Doesn’t Want You To Catch Catfish

 It seems like these days every time you turn on the news there's something about someone spying on our communications and watching everything we do.Now, if it wasn't bad enough, Google doesn't want you to catch catfish.That takes … [Read more]

Best Catfish Bait, Catfish Bait Selection 101

When I get questions through the ask a catfishing question page at Learn To Catch Catfish I glance at them briefly and move them into a file of future questions that I need to respond to. Last week I went a day or so without getting to my email which … [Read more]

You’ll Never Look At Catfish Fishing The Same Way Again

I've been getting a lot of questions lately about the website being so quiet and wanted to take a few minutes to address some of the questions I have been getting.If you're looking for the readers digest version.Everything is OK, I'm still … [Read more]