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Six Catfish Fishing Secrets From A Shore Fishing Angler

Catfishing Radio is back with episode 38. This show is sponsored by Brute Outdoors and Team Catfish.This started out as a brief article on something I observed on the lake and some of the mistakes I commonly see and then grew into much more the … [Read more]

What Is Skinny Water? Why Should You Fish It?

Skinny water fishing is some of my favorite fishing. I spent much of the time I fish for channel catfish focusing on skinny water and some of my favorite blue catfish action of the year takes place in skinny water.I made a reference to skinny … [Read more]

Preparing Your Boat For Spring Fishing

Here in Texas we don’t have a fishing “season” we can fish all year long. My catfish boat never gets winterized and winter is one of my busiest seasons so there is very little downtime for my boat. There are masses of anglers though that cannot fish … [Read more]

Finding Catfish In Transition Periods [CREP 37]

Show Summary: This Catfishing Radio podcast covers everything you need to know about transition periods including what a transition period is, how it affects the fishing and what you can do to help you locate and catch fish during a transition … [Read more]

Drift Socks 101: What Is A Drift Sock and How To Use Them

Drift fishing can be a very effective catfishing technique for targeting blue catfish and channel catfish. Like other techniques, it has a time and a place and certainly can be more effective at certain times of the year.For the beginning angler … [Read more]

The Fish Finder Rig: Good Or Bad? It Depends!

I remember as a kid we constantly had a big stack of these rigs laying around that we would buy at the local bait shop. We’d buy the single rigs (similar to a three way rig, but already tied) and the double rigs or “fish finder rigs” with two leaders … [Read more]

Zero Rig: The No Leader Rig For Sniping Catfish

Years ago I started using what I call a “zero rig” for catfishing. The zero rig is another of the catfish rigs that is not something you’ll use day in and day out like the slip sinker rig or santee rig. It’s more of a “tactical” rig for some specific … [Read more]

Flathead Catfish With Robby Robinson [CR EP 36]

Catfishing Radio is back with the first episode in Season 3 of the Catfishing Radio show. It’s been a long break since September of 2012 when we did Episode 35 Kayak Fishing 101 with Shane Davies.In this show I cover what’s been going on since … [Read more]

Slip Sinker Rig: The “Must Know” Catfish Rig

If you only know about one catfish rig,  the slip sinker rig is an excellent place to start. The slip sinker rig is one of the most popular catfish rigs and is the “go to” setup for fishing for catfish for many anglers all across the United … [Read more]

The Santee Rig Or Santee Cooper Rig For Catfish

The Santee Rig or Santee Cooper Rig is one of the popular catfish rigs for fishing for all species of catfish, it’s also commonly referred to as the “Santee Rig”.This rigging gained the name Santee rig as it allegedly gained popularity from its … [Read more]

Baiting A Hook With Whole Shad

Whole shad is what I have often referred to as blue catfish candy. Small one to four inch threadfin shad are plentiful in most bodies of water and are easy to catch assuming have a cast net and know how to throw a cast net.I covered the steps the … [Read more]

Three Reasons You Can’t Catch Winter Shad!

I was on the lake a couple of weeks ago after I dropped my clients off and a good friend came out to fish with me for a few hours. As I headed out from the boat ramp I noticed a young man throwing a cast net off in the distance. He was in a rather … [Read more]