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Best Channel Catfish Bait [CQT]

best channel catfish bait

I get more questions about catfish rigs and catfish baits than almost any other topic that comes through my email inbox or my clients who fish with me ask me.  The only questions I get asked more than that goes something like this “hey, I’m on my way to lake *insert name here* this weekend […]

Soured Wheat Catfish Chum – How To Make It

soured wheat catfish chum bait

I have been writing a number of articles about punch bait and wrote the other day about what chum is as well as the difference between chumming and baiting a hole. If you have decided you want to start chumming and you want to make some soured wheat catfish chum there is a pretty simple […]

Best Time To Catch Blue Catfish [CQT]


Whether your target catfish species is blue catfish or channel catfish our goal is to provide you with the information you need to be more successful out on the water. In last week’s Catfishing Quick Tip video I covered the best time to catch channel catfish and some of my thoughts on targeting summer channel […]

Catfish Conservation, Central Texas Top Catfish Lakes and More [CR EP 27]

catfish conservation

Podcast: Play in new window | Download On this weeks episode of Catfishing Radio we bring a very special guest on the show, Mr. John Tibbs with Texas Parks and Wildlife. John is the Inland Fisheries District Supervisor with Texas Parks and Wildlife office in Waco Texas covering much of the central Texas area. John […]

Best Time To Catch Channel Catfish

best time to catch channel catfish

  One of the questions I get asked most often is when is the best time to catch catfish and what are the best catfish baits? People have tendency to lump all three species of cats into one pool and really generalize these kinds of questions and lumping blues, flatheads and channels all into one […]