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Bait Buster Cast Nets: Why You Need A “Dragon Head”


I’ve used just about every brand of cast net out there over the years and had good success with most. There have been some “duds” from time to time but for the most part I have had pretty good luck. Since threadfin shad and gizzard shad are my “go to” catfish baits for blue catfish I rely on a good cast net often.

For years I used the cheapest cast net I could get my hands on and then I discovered heavier nets with bigger mesh and realized they made a difference when catching bait, so I switched. I used several of the better brands on the market before I discovered Bait Buster Cast Nets.  Once I started using the Bait Buster Cast Nets I really stopped using everything else.

The Bait Buster Cast Net is different than most other cast nets but there is one defining factor that makes it really different and much better than other nets on the market, their patented Dragon Head Swivel System. Most cast nets have a swivel with the braille lines (see parts of a cast net) pulled through it. The design of these nets makes it impossible to replace a braille line.

Broken braille lines are the number one repair I make to cast nets. Every once in a while I tear the mish or rip the lead line off but by far I break more braille lines than anything else. This is always a result of hanging up on some sort of underwater obstruction.

You can minimize the damage when you get hung up by following my instructions on freeing a hung cast net but some damage is often unavoidable.

You can repair the braille lines on any cast net when they are broken but the repair process of tying the lines back together leaves the net where it never really performs as good as new.


The Bait Buster Dragon Head Swivel

The patented Dragon Head Swivel system on Bait Buster nets solves the issue with not being able to repair braille lines because they are 100% replaceable. Not only can you replace the lines but the Dragon Head Swivel system also performs better when throwing as well.

To make it even better, the repair process is super simple and the net performs just like new after the repair, because you can replace the entire length of line instead of simply tying it back together or patching it.

When one of the lines breaks or tears you simply:

· Unscrew the cover off the swivel and remove the old line

· Cut and insert a new piece of monofilament

· Tie the new line to the lead line

· Insert the new line through the hole in the swivel

· Tie a knot


Click On The Images Below To View The Bait Buster Dragon Head Swivel In Detail

dragon_illustration dragonheadopened

More Advantages Of The Bait Buster Cast Net

In addition to this unique swivel system Bait Buster Cast Nets are also handmade nets. This means that an actual human puts them together instead of a machine. The advantage of this is you generally get a net that is crafted much better and in turn throws much better.

They also are heavier nets with 1.5 pounds of lead per radius foot which makes them sink faster. This is a definite advantage when catching threadfin shad or gizzard shad in deeper water.

Plus they come with a free bucket for storage, which also happens to be super handy for dumping your bait into when you catch it. That’s not reason alone to run out and buy one but certainly helps add to the greatness of these cast nets.

Click Here To Purchase Your Own Bait Buster Cast Net


Catching Shad

Catching shad is an essential part of targeting blue catfish. Not only is fresh shad one of the best baits for blue catfish but learning to find and catch shad will do wonders for you in your quest to catch blue catfish.

To get more information including an in depth guide on choosing a cast net and tips and tricks on finding and catching shad and everything else you ever need to know on catching bait, click here.

Hate Reading? Watch the video below for more information on the Bait Buster Cast Net Dragon Head Swivel

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      There are links at the bottom of the post!

      • Joe Klerekoper says:

        I bought your shad book, well worth the money! I am looking at getting a better net after reading your thoughts. In Oklahoma you can’t use 1/2 mesh legally, though no one would probably notice, supposed to be 3/8 so will probably get that. We have been throwing 6 foot nets. Do you think we should get a 10 or 12?

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