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Bank Fishing For Catfish With Punch Bait

bank fishing for catfish


I have covered tons of catfishing information at Learn To Catch Catfish over the past year but have not covered much on bank fishing for catfish or shore fishing. I do all of my catfishing from a boat and have for years but there was a point and time where I did the majority of my fishing from the bank or shore.  Catfish boats are something that are not available to everyone, or not feasible to some and one of the great things about catfishing is that opportunities exist to catch good numbers of blue, channel and flathead catfish fishing from the bank in most of the United States.

Armed with a good catfish rod and reel, the right bait, and some education on where and how to find the fish you can head out for your bank fishing excursion with the opportunity to catch numbers of fish, or even big monster trophy blue catfish or trophy flathead catfish.  I always like to remind people also that “Splash” the Texas state record blue catfish (and former world record catfish) was caught by an angler fishing from the bank.

Two of the biggest disadvantages that anglers fishing from the bank have is the inability to cover a lot of water and not being relatively mobile if the fish are not biting where you first set up. I will get into this more in the future but we touch on some of this in this video.

This is the third video in the series that I filmed with Charles of CJ’s Catfish Bait. If you have not already read the other articles and watched the other catfishing videos in the series make sure you go back and check out the first video on CJ’s Catfish Baits and then the second video on slip corking for catfish.

In this video, we get into the nuts and bolts of bank fishing for catfish but there are some excellent catfishing tips in this video that you can learn from regardless of whether you fish from a boat or from the shore.

  • What to look for when bank fishing for catfish (ideal catfish habitat for bank fishing)
  • Why the catfish are attracted to these areas
  • How the wind effects the fishing
  • What the punch bait does when it hits the water
  • How long to sit in one area if you are not catching fish
  • What to do if the area you are fishing is not producing and where you should move then

If your not sure what punch bait is or how to fish with it make sure you read the following articles:

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  1. Some great info in this video! I do all of my catfishing from the bank since I don’t have a boat and don’t know anyone who does. I’m definitely going to try out areas neat boat ramps the next time I fish a lake.

    Would it make sense that concrete boat ramps retains some of the daytime heat from the sun, and release it into the water into the evening and night? So fishing near boat ramps at sundown would be a good idea?

  2. love the tips , can’t wait to try them!

  3. Grant Jones says:

    Makes me feel like kissing the wife and saying “I’ll see you in the morning”

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