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Bank Fishing For Catfish Tips and Common Mistakes [CR EP 25]



I get emails and messages from people constantly wanting more information on bank fishing for catfish (catfishing from the shore or without a catfish boat) and it has been a while since I have spread any bank fishing love around so this weeks episode of Catfishing Radio is all about bank fishing. It’s a bank fishing love fest.

If you are a catfish angler that fishes from a boat, you need to listen to this show also though because there is still some great information in this show that will help you in your quest to catch more and bigger catfish.


Catfishing Radio Episode 25

I start this episode with the typical announcement as well as an explanation for my recent absence from the website, and why I have not been doing any updates or podcasts over the past couple of weeks due to an illness in the family and some unfortunate circumstances.

I follow up by talking about the spring blue catfish bite and how the fishing is really heating up. If you plan on fishing for catfish this spring you need to check out the Spring Blue Catfish techniques program we have available. The time will also be coming very soon to turn your attention to the red hot channel catfish bite. For that I suggest the Summer Channel Catfish Techniques program and the Secret Channel Catfish Rig fished with punch bait like Sudden Impact Fiber Bait or Sure Shot Catfish Punch Bait.

Next I move into the topic of bank fishing for catfish covering information on blue catfish, channel catfish and flathead catfish and some of the most common mistakes I see anglers making when they are shore fishing (this really applies to all species of fish not just cats).

Fishing Where The Fish Are Not – I talk about learning seasonal patterns of the fish and the bait fish (like threadfin shad and gizzard shad) and how these seasonal movements affect the fish. I also talk in depth about anglers that chose a fishing location as a matter of convenience instead of choosing a fishing location based on where the fish should be, and how doing a little work and putting some extra effort into your fishing trip can pay off in a huge way.

Choosing Your Fishing Location – I talk about using the knowledge of fishing patterns and catfishing techniques and finding good locations to fish. Using tools like the Navionics app, Navionics Hotmaps and Google Maps you can find areas to fish are not over pressured and also have access to the depths and structure you need to fish based on the seasonal movement of catfish.

Catfish Tackle – I talk about using the right catfish rods, catfish reels and catfish rigs based on the areas you are fishing, where the fish are and what depth of water you need to be fishing and how specialized equipment and rod holders can give you access to not only make really long casts but also cover a lot of water. This gives you the ability to get to fish you might otherwise not be able to get to.

Getting Off The Bank – Least but not least  I cover some cheap ways to get off the shore and out in the water so you can get to the fish without buying an expensive boat and you can really get access to some amazing areas to fish, some that cannot even be accessed by big boats. An Angler Kayak can be picked up new relatively cheap or even used on websites like Craigslist for a couple of hundred dollars.  A Belly Boat or Float Tube is also a cheap option to get you access to some great fishing areas for next to nothing and can also be found used. There are a lot of inexpensive options to find a way to get to the fish.

Last but not least, if you enjoy the information we share here on the website and on the podcast, be sure to tell your friends and post links online to the Learn To Catch Catfish website!

If you enjoy this information and want to take you fishing skills to the next level, be sure to check out the premium products available like the Spring Blue Catfish Techniques, Summer Channel Catfish Techniques, Jug Fishing 101 program and the Splat Fishing Techniques program.

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  2. Mohammad Thalji says:

    Hi Chad
    it is wonderful topic, I really like this topic and i wish that you give this topic more concentration in the future, I need more information on locating catfish in closed dams (that depend on rain , not supplied by a river, so it’s like a pond or something), and if you can explain by pictures it will be fantastic.
    thanx allot for your hard working.

  3. Great show.i have been listening for about a month now,and I am eagerly awaiting the next podcast. Please keep them comming.

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    Good stuff, looking forward to listen to the rest of the podcasts.

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