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Best Bait For Catfish On The Brazos River


Probably a stupid question but Ill ask anyways. I mainly fish the Brazos river near Waco, is there a better bait for different seasons?

Wasn’t sure if one would work better now than say mid summer. Thanks A lot . Billy



The best bait to use for catching catfish on the Brazos River is going to depend on what species of catfish you are going to be fishing for? Certainly there are times of the year where one bait will work better than others but it’s a complex questions that I could write about for days and still probably not cover everything.


Here is a good general overview on what I would use for catfish bait by species on the Brazos River.


Blue Catfish

If you are fishing for blue catfish, fresh caught shad is a great all around catfish bait for rod and reel fishing for blue catfish.


Flathead Catfish

If you are fishing for flathead catfish I would use live perch, blue gill or brim for rod and reel fishing for flathead catfish.


Channel Catfish

If you are fishing for channel catfish I would use a commercially prepared catfish bait like catfish punch bait.


Setline Fishing

If you are fishing with trotlines or jug fishing (or even on rod and reel) consider giving the catfish bait we manufacture a try, Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap. I have a number of customers that fish for catfish on the Brazos River near Waco using Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap on jug lines and trotlines and they all do really well with it on the river with it.


This is a pretty brief answer and is a good general rule to use about choosing the best bait when fishing for catfish on the Brazos River but I could go on for hours about how to choose the best catfish baits and when to use different types, and this is something I am going to have to break down into sections over time. I have been running guided catfish trips on the Brazos near Tin Top Texas (above Granbury and below Possum Kingdom) for years and this is a good basic general guide to the catfish baits I have used over the years.

Again it’s not a conclusive list that covers everything because there are always short periods where I might advise to use other baits (like grasshoppers, crawfish, or other various baits)


I hope you have great success with your catfishing on the Brazos River! Make sure you read all of our catfishing tips and tricks to help you be more successful.


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  1. BOb Mueller says:

    Chad: With my limited experience with catfish, I agree that live bait is always a good bet. The next best thing is Cheese hot dogs. You can laugh, but my wife will catch good sized, not trophy catfish on hot dogs when everyone else is slow or dead in the water.

    That being said I prefer Bratwurst, but I eat them for lunch, I will not share them with the fish.


  2. George Bouquet says:

    Goodinfo to have.

    Thanks George

  3. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Chad,
    For river fishing the best bait we used to use was fresh killed chicken
    entrails(guts).. Nowadays you’d probably have to buy a live chicken and do your own butchering to get the entrails(guts)..

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