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Best Bait For A Perch Trap

The Best Bait For Perch Traps

From the Learn To Catch Catfish mailbox through the ask a catfishing question page.

“What is the best bait for a perch trap?

There are a number of good baits to use in a perch trap but the best bait for a perch trap may vary on occasion.

Some of the more common baits to use in a perch trap are:

These items are most commonly placed inside of a plastic bottle with holes poked or drilled into it and then placed inside the perch trap.

Some of the more unusual baits that I have seen used in perch traps are white styrofoam and diet coke cans. Both of these items I would have never believed would work, but I witnessed them first hand. Evidently the color of the white styrofoam or Diet Coke can (used seperately) will attract perch by the color. They move in to investigate further and then get trapped and are unable to get themselves out.

I also know a number of people that swear that they use bacon in theirs and also claim that they can set them lower in the water column and will catch perch and crawfish at the same time. I have never experimented with this so I cannot tell you first hand whether it is truly effective or not.

The best bait for a perch trap that I have ever used is range cubes. I take a plastic bottle like a small coke bottle or a water bottle and poke a few holes into the bottle with a nail.  Take some range cubes and whack them really hard with a hammer a few times so you can break the range cubes into smaller pieces that will fit down into your plastic bottle, fill the bottle up and screw on the lid.

You can put this bottle filled with range cubes into your perch trap and should not have any issues catching enough perch to go catfishing with.

I will add though that there are occasions (just like with catfishing) where it seems that one bait will work  better than others so be prepared to have some other baits handy and switch out (or move your trap) if you are not catching good numbers of perch.

Whats the best bait for a perch trap that you have ever used? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. James Greene says:

    Hi Chad. :)

    Interesting article. I never knew that they made or sold perch traps! I’ve always just went to a pond on a farm and used a couple of night crawlers on small hooks and usually pull in 25-30 perch within 15-20 minutes, and the ones I didn’t use I usually freeze so I have some when I need them.

    Its interesting to know that you can catch perch and crawdads with bacon in one of those traps. I know when I was a kid my Dad and I would catch TONS of crawdads with a stick, string and bacon in our pond.

    I’d buy a perch trap, but my kids have too much fun catching them one right after another. Besides….it keeps them entertained while I catch catfish at that old pond!! :p

    Your friend,

    James Greene
    Mesquite, TX

  2. Chad;

    Well, this ‘ole doggie just learned something new again. Like James, I never knew such a thing as a Perch Trap existed. Are they sold under that name, or are they another type of trap, and just called a Perch Trap?

    We have quite a few dairies around here, and about 5 or 6 feed stores within 20 minutes of me. I’ll be looking for those range cubes, or cottonseed cakes in them.

    Thanks for another informative article Chad.


  3. Jimmy Stephens says:

    Seems like a lot of trouble to crush up the range cubes to put them the bottle when a simple slice down one side on the bottle will work. I have used cheap canned catfood and just punched holes in the top and bottom of it. Weighted to the bottom will collect perch and crawfish, also will catch an occasional catfish.
    I have also heard these referred to as funnel traps and are pretty easy to make.

  4. I use dog biscuits, bread, & flour tortillas they work great for prech traps.

  5. We feed our dogs IAMS mini chunks dry dog food. Every bag comes with a free can of wet mush the dogs won’t touch but the perch love. Just nail a few holes in it and stick it in a trap.

  6. just make sure if in public lakes that you use a legal version of the trap… the trap can not be longer the 24 inches i think and the opening can be no more then 1 inch by 3 inches. perch traps are not legal in texas in fresh water but minnow traps are, so build a minnow trap capable of catching perch and your fine.

  7. I use an onion to bait my perch traps. Just get any round onion and cut it in half, break it up a little and let it lay loose in the trap.

  8. Matthew Moore says:

    the best bait I’ve ever used for a perch trap is a bit of old cooked steak i found in the back of my freezer in 30 minutes I caught 7 good size perch and 4 crabs (I fish in brackish water)

  9. sometimes when im going for smaller minnows to catch bluegill or sometimes crappie i will put a mint flavored stick of gum you dont have to replace it either because it doesnt breakdown or fall apart

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