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The Best Of Learn To Catch Catfish In 2012


Learn To Catch Catfish has been around for a few years now, and developed a few traditions during that time.

One of them is that every year, just around the time when you wondered if your relatives were ever going home, I slip in a “Best of Learn To Catch Catfish” post right before New Year’s.

It’s a chance for you to catch up on some if the things you might have missed through the year (or in previous years) and a look back at some of the more popular topics of 2012.

These are some of our votes and some reader favorites for the best Learn To Catch Catfish articles from 2012, based both on your enthusiasm and our own.

Here they are (in no particular order).

Reader Favorites (Articles)

Catfish Rigs – The catfish rigs section continues to be popular at the website. This section covers all of the best catfish rigs including popular rigs like the Santee Rig, Slip Sinker Rig, Three Way Rig and slip bobber rig as well as some of the less popular setups like balloon rigs.  Look for some major updates to this section in 2012 with more information as well as updates to some of the older articles.

Catfish Bait Recipes – This is a reader favorite. It amazes me to this day the popularity of this article and the number of people looking for catfish bait recipes. My preference is to use fresh natural baits for blue catfish or proven prepared baits for channel catfish but to each their own. If you are looking for a good catfish bait recipe then check out this article. This also includes the formula for the popular Bells of Hell Stink Bait.

Best Catfish Bait, Catfish Bait Selection 101 – This is a good broad overview of some of the best baits for each species of catfish. It’s certainly not an all inclusive list but rather a “catfish bait 101” guide to get you started quickly and without a lot of searching. If you need a good primer on the best catfish baits this is the place to go!

How To Clean A Catfish In 15 Seconds – This is a step guide on how to clean a catfish with detailed instructions on what to use and exactly how to clean a catfish in 15 seconds. With some practice you can even shave the time down some and clean as many as 5 or 6 fish in a minute. This was updated in 2012 with a new video that walks you step by step through the process.

Catfishing With Chicken Liver, The Definitive Guide – After being constantly questioned about chicken livers and using them for catfish bait I put to together the definitive guide to catfishing with chicken livers. This is an in depth article that covers everything you need to know. I’m not a fan of chicken livers but if you plan on fishing with them, this is the place to go.

Catfish Tackle Suggested Products – The catfish tackle page is a running list of the hooks, rods, reels and tackle that I use and suggest to help you find all of the best products out there. Look for some major changes and updates to this information and a lot more detailed information on catfish tackle in 2013!

How To Build Your Own Bait Tank – This is one of the first articles I posted on Learn To Catch Catfish and remains a reader favorite. This is a step by step guide on building an inexpensive bait tank for keeping shad alive as well as any other bait fish.

Catfish Punch Bait 101 – Punch bait is an incredibly effective bait for channel catfish. This is an in depth guide on fishing with punch bait and covers everything you need to know to get started.

How To Hold A Catfish – Pretty basic stuff but a reader favorite. If you wonder how you should hold a catfish without getting hurt and whether or not catfish “sting” check out this article.

DIY Shallow Water Anchor – The DIY shallow water anchor covers detailed instructions on how to build your own inexpensive shallow water anchor. You can build one of these for a fraction of the cost of buying one and they make anchoring in shallow water a breeze. Look for some updates to this in early 2013 with some awesome new information.

Best Time Of The Year To Catch Catfish – This is an overview of some of my top picks by catfish species on the best time of year to catch catfish. If you have ever wondered what the best time of year is or peak seasons for each species of fish, check this out.


My Personal Picks (Articles)

These are some of my personal picks on the best articles and Catfishing Radio podcasts from 2012 and information that you should definitely check out.

Find The Bait, You Find The Fish – This article is part of the free preview to the Catching Shad program released this year. It was not posted on the main website. Find the bait and you find the fish is a phrase I repeat time and time again. If you are targeting blue catfish, you need to read this article.

5 Rookie Catfishing Mistakes – This is an overview of mistakes I see anglers making all the time. It covers some of the most common mistakes that are costing you missed fish or keeping you out of the right areas. This is hands down one of my favorite pieces published in 2012. Regardless of your experience level you should check this one out!

Cut Bait For Catfish – This is a good basic overview of cut bait for catfish covering what it is, how to fish with it and everything else you need to know.

Navionics Hotmaps App For iPhone and Android – This iPhone and Android app continues to amaze. What’s more amazing is how few people know about it. Rather than wasting $10 buying apps that make fart noises you need to buy he Navionics app and get started using this. Amazing technology and amazing information!

How To Break Fishing Line – Sounds simple but there is a right and wrong way to break fishing line not only to make it easier but also to keep from tearing up your gear. Check it out.


Catfishing Radio Podcasts

Bill Dance and Big River Catfish – Catfishing Radio Episode 23 – Bill Dance is a fishing legend and while most people know him for bass fishing he lives in catfish country and has shown up more and more in the past few years in the catfish world, including a few tournaments. In this Catfishing Radio show I interview Bill Dance and he shares some tips for catching catfish in big rivers,

River Channel Catfish – Catfishing Radio Episode 29 – Jeff Williams from Team Catfish joins the Catfishing Radio show on this episode and we talk catching channel catfish in rivers. If you fish for channel catfish in rivers then this show is one to listen to. There are some great tips on locating and catching river channel catfish.

Brad Durick and Big Channel Catfish – Catfishing Radio Episode 28 – Brad Durick is without a doubt one of the top anglers in the US when it comes to catching MONSTER channel catfish. he fishes the Red River of the North which is the top trophy channel catfish fishery in the country. Brad shares some great tips in this show not only on catching channel catfish in rivers but targeting big channel catfish.

John Tibbs – Catfishing Radio Episode 27 – John Tibbs is a “big shot” fisheries biologist here in Texas and joined the Catfishing Radio show where we discussed catfish conservation, biology and a variety of other topics. John also shared some of his top picks for catfish lakes in central Texas. There is some golden information in this show, especially for you central Texas anglers!

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