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Best Time To Catch Blue Catfish [CQT]


Whether your target catfish species is blue catfish or channel catfish our goal is to provide you with the information you need to be more successful out on the water. In last week’s Catfishing Quick Tip video I covered the best time to catch channel catfish and some of my thoughts on targeting summer channel catfish. In this weeks video we turn our attention to blue catfish and the best time to catch blue catfish. If flathead catfish are more your speed, don’t worry, we will get to them soon!

The Best Time To Catch Blue Catfish

When is the best time to catch blue catfish is a question I get asked repeatedly from visitors to the website and clients who fish with me. With an increasing interest from anglers who want to catch blues, this is often a topic of much debate and my answer for the best time to catch them depends a lot on whether you want to go out and catch a bunch of smaller one to ten pound fish or whether your goal is to catch that trophy class blue cat of a lifetime in hopes of winning the next catfish tournament.

Truth is, fishing for blues is excellent in many areas of the country all year long, or at least most of the year but like anything else, there is always a peak time.

In this week’s video I cover my top picks for catching the big trophies as well as the top pick for catching huge numbers of “keepers” and loading up your Brute Box.

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    Lane needs to have his own website, where he teaches kids how to CATCH TROPHY CATFISH!!! Kids will Listen to the STATE CHAMPION CATFISHERKID!!

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