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Best Time To Catch Channel Catfish



One of the questions I get asked most often is when is the best time to catch catfish and what are the best catfish baits? People have tendency to lump all three species of cats into one pool and really generalize these kinds of questions and lumping blues, flatheads and channels all into one group and trying to give someone the best time to catch them is next to impossible. Because of this I am discussing the best time to catch channel catfish in this weeks catfishing quick tip video and then in future videos we will discuss the best time to catch blue catfish and flathead catfish.


The Best Time To Catch Channel Catfish

Again, I probably get this question a couple of dozen times a week or more through the ask a question page. When it comes to fishing for channels and the best time of the year to catch channel catfish, I honestly have a hard time picking because the channel catfish bite is typically good most of the year. Sure, there are places in the United States that “ice out” and limit fishing but even the guys that are out ice fishing are known for catching channel catfish through the ice. It’s a reasonable expectation to be able to get out on the water and some nice channels across most of the country during the majority of the year.

Channel Catfish don’t get enough respect as most of the hype is always around catching big trophy class blue catfish on rod and reel but I really enjoy catching channel and have a blast guiding clients for them. The excitement of fishing with punch bait like Sudden Impact Fiber Bait or other brands of punch style catfish bait fished in combination with the Secret Channel Catfish Rig is pretty hard to beat.

In this weeks video I cover the best time of the year to catch channel catfish and give my top picks for the best months to catch them and why.

Once your done watching this video be sure to check out the Secret Channel Catfish Rig and the Summer Channel Catfish Techniques program available through the website. The secret rig will increase your catches of channel cats as soon as you put it to work and my Summer techniques program is an in depth step by step guide to exactly how I locate and catch these fish in huge numbers during the Summer.




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  1. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Chad,

    You said it, ol’ buddy; catch ol’ speckle-belly any time you can get to the water, put YOUR secret catfish catching techniques to work and use YOUR secret catfishing rig!!! 100% garonteed!!! GO FISH!!!

  2. Jim Sooter says:

    What about bank fishing? What is the rig 4 that?

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