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Bill Dance and Big River Catfish [CR EP 23]




Catfishing Radio Episode 23 is the first show we have done about big river catfishing and this week’s guest is Mr. Bill Dance, America’s favorite fisherman.


Show Announcements and Introductions

We start this weeks show with announcements.

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Bill Dance and Big River Catfish

The guest on this weeks show requires no introduction. Without a doubt the most recognized name in fishing in the United States, a well versed and highly skilled multispecies angler, America’s favorite fisherman, Mr. Bill Dance. I really had a lot of phone with this interview and had a great conversation with Bill before and after the interview and am happy to have made a new friend. I think a trip to Tennessee may be in the future for some big river catfishing one of these days!

I reached out to Bill Dance to talk catfishing after so many requests for information on big river catfishing. Here in Texas our rivers are shallow (and often narrow) mudholes so I don’t have a lot of experience with fishing for big river catfish. Many of the Catfishing Radio listeners have sent in questions looking for more information on fishing for blue catfish, channel catfish and flathead catfish in big rivers. Bill has been a life long Tennessee resident and has a tremendous amount of experience fishing big rivers.

Bill’s recent involvement in Catfish Tournaments peaked my interested and I wanted to reach out to him and talk not only about that but get some information from him on fishing for big river cats!

Bill and I talk about some of the basics of big river catfishing including navigating big rivers, safety concerns, what catfish bait to use, locating and catching fish and Bill Dance’s “best piece of advice for learning to catch catfish in your area (whether it be a big river or not).

Finally we wrap up the show talking about the Bill Dance Bloopers video, his Signature Lakes project, the many different freshwater and saltwater fishing TV shows and more. You can learn more about Bill Dance and his projects at the Bill Dance Outdoors website.

Bill also has a free app available for iPhone and iPad you can check it out here.

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  1. Good podcast but if you don’t take Bill on his offer to go fishing, I will question your sanity!

  2. good stuff Chad , and congrats on being # 1 , keep em coming

  3. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Chad,

    Did Bill Dance manage to fall out of the boat or off the stool while you were interviewing him?? Anybody can catch a fish, but only BD can fall out of the boat so many times!!! An invite like this only comes once in a lifetime.. GOGOGOGOGO!!!! and don’t fall out’n the boat!!!

  4. YES only bill can do it like bill &take the straps off the boat

  5. Texas Vet says:

    Mr. Bill Dance has and will always be considered an American hero to me. I would give up just about anything to get to go out fishing with him, so don’t pass up the opportunity. I enjoyed this podcast and will take all of the information provided and run with it. Keep up the good job.

  6. Enjoyed the broadcast.Don’t plan to do any big river fishing. But who knows what life will bring. please keep up the good work

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