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Catching Shad, The Definitive Guide



I’ve mentioned several times lately that I was working on a new premium product (an e-book) on finding and catching shad.

Everything I have posted in the past in regards to the best bait for blue catfish (threadfin shad, gizzard shad and skipjack herring) and shad have always had a great response with tons of feedback.

With that feedback I always receive a ton of questions and frustrations on finding and catching shad.

Sensing the frustration many people had in this area I started working on a tutorial on finding and catching shad and before I knew it I had over 100 pages of information and I realized it was much more than I could ever include on the website in a post or article, so I decided to turn this tutorial into an e-book.


What Is “Catching Shad”

It’s an e-book (that means you download it digitally on your computer).

Catching shad covers everything you would ever need to know about cast nets and finding and catching shad, including:

  • Choosing a cast net
  • How weight, net size and mesh size of a cast net impact your ability to catch bait
  • Prepping a cast net
  • How to throw a cast net
  • Key factors for locating and catching shad
  • Shad catching “hot spots”
  • How weather and water temperature affect shad
  • Sonar tutorials for locating shad
  • Seasonal movements of shad, what moves them and why
  • Exactly where to go to catch shad and why
  • Exactly where I catch bait all year long

Bottom line, I cover everything I could possibly think of about finding and catching shad.


Find The Bait, You Find The Fish

Despite the title “Catching Shad” the book really is about much more than catching shad. It’s just as much about finding blue catfish as it is finding and catching shad.

Blue catfish are “eating machines” and their primary food source in any body of water is going to be threadfin or gizzard shad and skipjack herring. Learning how to find and pattern shad and “why they do what they do” unlocks all of the basic information you need to learn about finding and catching blue catfish.

When you find the bait, you find the fish. It really is that simple.


Get A Free Preview Of Catching Shad

Rather than going on and on about the “catching shad” program, I’d rather you just take a look for yourself. I’ve setup a special page where you can get a free preview of the beginning.

This portion covers some of the basics to help get you started and in much greater detail than I have ever covered here on the website.

Click here to get more information and sign up for the free preview of the Catching Shad book.

If you are fishing for blue catfish, you can’t afford not to at least check this out.

Click here to check out our other premium products.

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