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Best Catfish Bait, Catfish Bait Selection 101


When I get questions through the ask a catfishing question page at Learn To Catch Catfish I glance at them briefly and move them into a file of future questions that I need to respond to. Last week I went a day or so without getting to my email which rarely happens and when I […]

Three Reasons You Can’t Catch Winter Shad!


I was on the lake a couple of weeks ago after I dropped my clients off and a good friend came out to fish with me for a few hours. As I headed out from the boat ramp I noticed a young man throwing a cast net off in the distance. He was in a […]

Cut Bait For Catfish, All You Need To Know About Cut Bait


I have had several questions from people recently wanting to know what cut bait is and how to fish with it for catfish. I am not going to copy and paste all of the questions here about cut bait because they are all generally the same question just worded slightly differently. Cut bait is a […]

Catching Shad, The Definitive Guide


  I’ve mentioned several times lately that I was working on a new premium product (an e-book) on finding and catching shad. Everything I have posted in the past in regards to the best bait for blue catfish (threadfin shad, gizzard shad and skipjack herring) and shad have always had a great response with tons […]

Best Flathead Catfish Bait


I admittedly have not covered a lot on flathead catfish here at Learn To Catch Catfish because most of the questions get are about blue catfish and channel catfish. I don’t get near as many flathead catfish questions and don’t gear near as many phone calls from people wanting to fish with me that have […]

Dead Red Blood Spray From Team Catfish, Does It Work?

dead red blood spray team catfish

I have been playing around with the Team Catfish Dead Red Blood Spray for the better part of a year now trying it in different scenarios and in different applications. Prior to last year I had absolutely no experience with the Dead Red Blood Spray other than a few conversations with some other catfish guides […]

The Best Blue Catfish Bait [CQT]

best blue catfish bait

I recently covered the best baits for channel catfish and this weeks Catfishing Quick Tip is all about the best baits for blue catfish. Catfish baits are always a hot topic here at Learn To Catch Catfish and people who contact me are always on a quest to find the best catfish baits and homemade […]

Best Channel Catfish Bait [CQT]

best channel catfish bait

I get more questions about catfish rigs and catfish baits than almost any other topic that comes through my email inbox or my clients who fish with me ask me.  The only questions I get asked more than that goes something like this “hey, I’m on my way to lake *insert name here* this weekend […]

Team Catfish Sudden Impact Fiber Bait Review


Over the past year and a half I have received countless questions from anglers about various catfish baits. Team Catfish baits have to be one of the most asked about products I have received questions on and up until last week I had never tried any of their baits. I recently took the Team Catfish […]

Frozen Shad, The Do’s and Dont’s


Frozen shad is a highly debated topic among catfish anglers. I have had countless questions in regards to catfishing with frozen shad and freezing shad for catfish bait since I started Learn To Catch Catfish. Despite the fact that I have covered using threadfin and gizzard shad for bait extensively I have not covered the […]

Catfishing With Chicken Liver, The Definitive Guide


  Since the beginning of Learn To Catch Catfish, I can’t begin to count how many questions I have had about catfishing with chicken liver. These questions have covered just about every single area that anyone could ever think of in regards to using chicken liver for catfish bait.  When people call me about booking […]

Difference Between Gizzard and Threadfin Shad


  I followed your instructions on how to throw a cast net and have finally started catching shad to use for bait for blue catfish. I don’t know if the shad I am catching are threadfin shad or gizzard shad. Does it matter which one I use and how can I tell which one it […]