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Catfish Fishing Line: Are You Making These Common Mistakes?

catfish fishing line

Fishing line is the critical link when it comes to landing fish. The goal when choosing fishing line is to find something heavy enough that is capable of landing the fish you will be catching but still maintaining an appropriate balance of performance.A good rule of thumb to follow is the heavier the line is […]

Catfish Leader Line


Can you explain to me what a catfish leader line is, how it is used and how I should be using them for catfishing? Leader Line is a necessary evil when fishing for catfish and becomes more essential when you start fishing for bigger catfish like trophy blue catfish and big flathead catfish. What is […]

Catfish Fishing Line

catfish fishing line

Fishing Line For Catfish Just as I mentioned in my article about catfish rods and choosing a reel for fishing with catfish punch bait about people using rods that are way too heavy I think this is a common problem among catfish anglers with fishing line as well. I see people all the time talking […]