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Backlash: Prevent and Easily Remove Baitcast Reel Backlash

reel backlash stop and remove

Every angler that has ever used a baitcast fishing reel like my favorite Abu Garcia 6500C3 reels has experienced that moment. It’s that cast to get in just that “right spot” to land that next fish and then PUH-POW your fishing reel is a big mess with a gnarly backlash. It doesn’t matter if you have been […]

Setting Drag and Spool Tension On A Baitcast Fishing Reel [CQT]


I have covered setting drag and setting the spool tensioner on a baitcast fishing reel in articles in the past and put together and in depth tutorial on casting a baitcast reel as part of the coverage on catfishing techniques and catfish reels here on the site but I still get questions from people constantly […]

Adding A Bait Clicker To An Abu Garcia Reel


I have written a number of articles about Abu Garcia fishing reels and covered them from a number of different aspects. There a number of reasons the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur series is the reel I suggest for all catfish anglers when choosing a catfish reel. I prefer the 6000 series reels overall because of their […]

Cleaning An Abu Garcia Fishing Reel


  This is a guest article by Steven Gonzales you can check out one of his other articles here regarding upgrading an Abu Garcia C3 to a C4 for improved performance. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur bait cast fishing reels are loved by catfish anglers all across the United States. The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur fishing reels can […]

Abu Garcia 6600 BCX Product Review & Field Test


Over the past year since I started Learn To Catch Catfish I have received thousands of questions through the ask a catfishing question page and many of those catfishing questions have been about fishing reels and gear. One of that has come up repeatedly has been questions about the Abu Garcia 6600 BCX fishing reel. […]

Upgrading Abu Garcia C3 to C4 Model


  I have covered a lot of information in the past on Abu Garcia Ambassadeur fishing reels and held nothing back about being a fan of them. This is a guest post submitted by one of the Learn To Catch Catfish readers Steven Gonzalez from the San Antonio Texas area. Steven is a serious gear […]

Casting A Baitcast Reel – How To Cast


Questions about how to cast and casting a baitcast reel have been one of the more frequent questions I have received since I started Learn To Catch Catfish. I get questions of different variations about casting a baitcast reel almost daily through the ask a catfishing question page. Over the past couple of months I […]

Using Ebay To Buy Fishing Reels

catfish reels getting good deals

If you have not already read getting the best deals on catfish reels and choosing a catfish reel go there and read that before you proceed with this article and the following steps. Ebay is by far the best place I have found to buy used Abu Garcia reels and there are some amazing deals […]

Getting The Best Deal On Catfish Reels


I have had a number of questions about how and where to get the best deals on cafish reels. If you’re looking at some of the lower end or middle of the road options for catfish reels I have previously mentioned, like the Bass Pro Shops Catmaxx or the MegaCast Metal Round Baitcast Reel you […]

Abu Garcia 5000 Series Reels For Catfish


At some point a few weeks ago I referenced my use of Abu Garcia 5000 Series reels and since there have been a number of questions through article comments and through the ask a catfishing question page about these reels. As I explained in choosing a catfish reel my “go to” reel for catfish is […]

Basic Baitcasting Reel Maintenance


I have mentioned in several of the other articles about catfishing reels that I am not a “reel nut” meaning that I am not caught up in having the smoothest, best casting and latest and greatest fishing reel. I am known to push my reels well beyond their normal limits of needing cleaning and repairs […]

Bait Clicker Uses For Catfish

Bait Clicker Line Alarm

Hopefully by now you have read my parts of a baitcast reel article and have also read my article on choosing a catfish reel, and have picked up a round baitcasting reel like the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500C3. One of the key elements that most of the round baitcasting reels I have been writing about […]