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What Is Skinny Water? Why Should You Fish It?

skinny water catfish shallow water

Skinny water fishing is some of my favorite fishing. I spent much of the time I fish for channel catfish focusing on skinny water and some of my favorite blue catfish action of the year takes place in skinny water. I made a reference to skinny water fishing a few weeks ago and immediately started […]

The Fish Finder Rig: Good Or Bad? It Depends!

fish finder rig

I remember as a kid we constantly had a big stack of these rigs laying around that we would buy at the local bait shop. We’d buy the single rigs (similar to a three way rig, but already tied) and the double rigs or “fish finder rigs” with two leaders and two hooks. If we […]

Zero Rig: The No Leader Rig For Sniping Catfish

zero rig catfish rig

Years ago I started using what I call a “zero rig” for catfishing. The zero rig is another of the catfish rigs that is not something you’ll use day in and day out like the slip sinker rig or santee rig. It’s more of a “tactical” rig for some specific situations and presentations and situations. The […]

Slip Sinker Rig: The “Must Know” Catfish Rig

slip sinker catfish rig

If you only know about one catfish rig,  the slip sinker rig is an excellent place to start. The slip sinker rig is one of the most popular catfish rigs and is the “go to” setup for fishing for catfish for many anglers all across the United States. The slip sinker rig is versatile and can […]

The Santee Rig Or Santee Cooper Rig For Catfish

santee cooper catfish rig

The Santee Rig or Santee Cooper Rig is one of the popular catfish rigs for fishing for all species of catfish, it’s also commonly referred to as the “Santee Rig”. This rigging gained the name Santee rig as it allegedly gained popularity from its use by catfishermen on the Santee Cooper lakes in the Carolina’s. […]

Baiting A Hook With Whole Shad


Whole shad is what I have often referred to as blue catfish candy. Small one to four inch threadfin shad are plentiful in most bodies of water and are easy to catch assuming have a cast net and know how to throw a cast net. I covered the steps the other day on how to […]

Catching Catfish With A Trotline, How To Set A Trotline


I’ve bounced around a bit here lately and covered some basics on trotlines including trotline fishing basics, ethical fishing with setlines and how to make a trotline.  This will likely be the last time I talk about catfishing with trotlines, at least for a good while. I wanted to cover some more information because it […]

5 Rookie Catfishing Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make


#1 – Obsessing Over Catfish Gear One of the critical errors I see people make that are new to catfishing or just getting started being serious with catfishing is they obsess over gear. There seems to be this major concern that they don’t have the right “stuff” or don’t have enough “stuff” and they start […]

Match The Hatch To Catch More Catfish

match the hatch

I’ve used the term “match the hatch” in several articles, catfishing videos and several episodes of the Catfishing Radio podcast and never considered the fact that not everyone knows what that means. I received a message through the the other day from someone asking what that meant and realized I needed to “backtrack” and explain. This […]

The Secret Catfish Rig: Catch More Channel Catfish

secret catfish rig

One of the challenges most anglers have when it comes to channel catfish is missing fish. The super light bite of channel catfish makes it difficult for many anglers to catch fish. If you’ve ever experienced fishing for channel catfish and getting tons of bites but only actually catching a few fish then you know […]

Slip Bobber Rig for Catfish: Slay Them with Slip Bobbers

slip bobber rig

The slip bobber rig is a staple when it comes to fishing for catfish, especially channel catfish. They can be effective for blue catfish and flathead catfish in certain applications but for channel catfish they are the “go to” catfish rig for many anglers. I’ve used a lot of slip bobbers over the years but […]

Best Time To Catch Flathead Catfish [CQT]

best time flathead catfisg

I haven’t talked a lot about flathead catfish here on the in the past. I have covered some basic tips, tricks and information but haven’t gone into near the detail that I have on blue catfish and channel catfish. With the Learn To Catch Catfish survey running and receiving the initial round of responses one […]