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What Is Skinny Water? Why Should You Fish It?

skinny water catfish shallow water

Skinny water fishing is some of my favorite fishing. I spent much of the time I fish for channel catfish focusing on skinny water and some of my favorite blue catfish action of the year takes place in skinny water. I made a reference to skinny water fishing a few weeks ago and immediately started […]

Baiting A Hook With Whole Shad


Whole shad is what I have often referred to as blue catfish candy. Small one to four inch threadfin shad are plentiful in most bodies of water and are easy to catch assuming have a cast net and know how to throw a cast net. I covered the steps the other day on how to […]

5 Rookie Catfishing Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make


#1 – Obsessing Over Catfish Gear One of the critical errors I see people make that are new to catfishing or just getting started being serious with catfishing is they obsess over gear. There seems to be this major concern that they don’t have the right “stuff” or don’t have enough “stuff” and they start […]

Match The Hatch To Catch More Catfish

match the hatch

I’ve used the term “match the hatch” in several articles, catfishing videos and several episodes of the Catfishing Radio podcast and never considered the fact that not everyone knows what that means. I received a message through the the other day from someone asking what that meant and realized I needed to “backtrack” and explain. This […]

Best Time To Catch Flathead Catfish [CQT]

best time flathead catfisg

I haven’t talked a lot about flathead catfish here on the in the past. I have covered some basic tips, tricks and information but haven’t gone into near the detail that I have on blue catfish and channel catfish. With the Learn To Catch Catfish survey running and receiving the initial round of responses one […]

Soured Wheat Catfish Chum – How To Make It

soured wheat catfish chum bait

I have been writing a number of articles about punch bait and wrote the other day about what chum is as well as the difference between chumming and baiting a hole. If you have decided you want to start chumming and you want to make some soured wheat catfish chum there is a pretty simple […]

Best Time To Catch Blue Catfish [CQT]


Whether your target catfish species is blue catfish or channel catfish our goal is to provide you with the information you need to be more successful out on the water. In last week’s Catfishing Quick Tip video I covered the best time to catch channel catfish and some of my thoughts on targeting summer channel […]

Best Time To Catch Channel Catfish

best time to catch channel catfish

  One of the questions I get asked most often is when is the best time to catch catfish and what are the best catfish baits? People have tendency to lump all three species of cats into one pool and really generalize these kinds of questions and lumping blues, flatheads and channels all into one […]

Navionics App For iPhone, iPad and Android

navionics app

I am a huge fan of Navionics charts and use them every time I fish in my Humminbird 1198. It has major impacts on my fishing for all of the catfish species. There is a major benefit to having this mapping running side by side on your sonar so you can view real time sonar […]

Humminbird 1198C Review For Catfishing

humminbird 1198c review

This is a review of the Humminbird 1198C sonar fish finder as well as information on what to look for when choosing a fish finder and some basic information on side imaging, down imaging and traditional broadband sonar for catfish. I have talked a lot here in the past about fish finders (aka sonar or […]

Taking Advantage Of Low Water Conditions


For some reason many anglers have an obsession with water levels in lakes and reservoirs and it is not uncommon to see water levels drop significantly during the summer months. I know anglers that check lake levels every single day so they can stay up to date  on the conservation pool of the lake they […]

Night Fishing Lights – The Definitive Guide


Night fishing can be productive at times and very enjoyable, especially during the hot summer months, but it comes with some disadvantages as well. Not being able to see well and being eaten alive by mosquitoes and other bugs are two of the biggest challenges. In this article we’ll take a look at night fishing […]