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The Fish Finder Rig: Good Or Bad? It Depends!

fish finder rig

I remember as a kid we constantly had a big stack of these rigs laying around that we would buy at the local bait shop. We’d buy the single rigs (similar to a three way rig, but already tied) and the double rigs or “fish finder rigs” with two leaders and two hooks. If we […]

Zero Rig: The No Leader Rig For Sniping Catfish

zero rig catfish rig

Years ago I started using what I call a “zero rig” for catfishing. The zero rig is another of the catfish rigs that is not something you’ll use day in and day out like the slip sinker rig or santee rig. It’s more of a “tactical” rig for some specific situations and presentations and situations. The […]

Catfish Rigs Revisited

catfish rigs

Since I started Learn To Catch Catfish the catfish rigs section and different articles and videos I have added have been some of the most popular topics here on the website. The catfish rigs pages have received countless views and I have received countless questions about these articles and videos. Because some of these articles […]

The Float Rig: Float Rigs For Catfishing

float rig catfish

The Float Rig: Float Rigs For Catfishing I first discovered a variation of this rig years ago when we were surf fishing on the Bolivar Peninsula on the Gulf Of Mexico for shark. I saw some guys using something similar to this to help hold the baits up and to compensate for the massive rolling […]

Balloon Fishing With Balloon Rigs

balloon rig balloon fishing

The balloon rig or “balloon fishing” has been a very popular fishing rig for striper fishermen for a number of years and has also become popular with catfish anglers for certain applications. This is also a popular rig for fishing for a number of other species of saltwater species of fish. There are many different variations of […]

Leader Length: How Long Should Leaders Be On Catfish Rigs

leader length catfish

Leader Length: How Long Should Leaders Be On Catfish Rigs I’m constantly questioned on catfish rigs like the slip sinker rig and the santee cooper rig from anglers wanting to know what the best or “right” length is for leaders. This is in addition to questions about all the other catfish rigs covered at Learn To Catch […]