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The Fish Finder Rig: Good Or Bad? It Depends!

fish finder rig

I remember as a kid we constantly had a big stack of these rigs laying around that we would buy at the local bait shop. We’d buy the single rigs (similar to a three way rig, but already tied) and the double rigs or “fish finder rigs” with two leaders and two hooks. If we […]

Zero Rig: The No Leader Rig For Sniping Catfish

zero rig catfish rig

Years ago I started using what I call a “zero rig” for catfishing. The zero rig is another of the catfish rigs that is not something you’ll use day in and day out like the slip sinker rig or santee rig. It’s more of a “tactical” rig for some specific situations and presentations and situations. The […]

Slip Sinker Rig: The “Must Know” Catfish Rig

slip sinker catfish rig

If you only know about one catfish rig,  the slip sinker rig is an excellent place to start. The slip sinker rig is one of the most popular catfish rigs and is the “go to” setup for fishing for catfish for many anglers all across the United States. The slip sinker rig is versatile and can […]

The Santee Rig Or Santee Cooper Rig For Catfish

santee cooper catfish rig

The Santee Rig or Santee Cooper Rig is one of the popular catfish rigs for fishing for all species of catfish, it’s also commonly referred to as the “Santee Rig”. This rigging gained the name Santee rig as it allegedly gained popularity from its use by catfishermen on the Santee Cooper lakes in the Carolina’s. […]

The Secret Catfish Rig: Catch More Channel Catfish

secret catfish rig

One of the challenges most anglers have when it comes to channel catfish is missing fish. The super light bite of channel catfish makes it difficult for many anglers to catch fish. If you’ve ever experienced fishing for channel catfish and getting tons of bites but only actually catching a few fish then you know […]

Slip Bobber Rig for Catfish: Slay Them with Slip Bobbers

slip bobber rig

The slip bobber rig is a staple when it comes to fishing for catfish, especially channel catfish. They can be effective for blue catfish and flathead catfish in certain applications but for channel catfish they are the “go to” catfish rig for many anglers. I’ve used a lot of slip bobbers over the years but […]

Double Hook Rig: For Big Catfish Baits

double hook rig catfish

The double hook rig is one of the catfish rigs that is popular when targeting trophy class catfish with large catfish baits, generally large pieces of cut bait (like threadfin shad or gizzard shad, skipjack herring, carp, drum of buffalo). It is very popular with anglers who target trophy blue catfish, is occasionally used for flathead catfish and rarely for channel […]

Catfish Rigs Revisited

catfish rigs

Since I started Learn To Catch Catfish the catfish rigs section and different articles and videos I have added have been some of the most popular topics here on the website. The catfish rigs pages have received countless views and I have received countless questions about these articles and videos. Because some of these articles […]

The Float Rig: Float Rigs For Catfishing

float rig catfish

The Float Rig: Float Rigs For Catfishing I first discovered a variation of this rig years ago when we were surf fishing on the Bolivar Peninsula on the Gulf Of Mexico for shark. I saw some guys using something similar to this to help hold the baits up and to compensate for the massive rolling […]

Drop Shot Rig: Drop Shot Rigging For Catfish

drop shot rig catfish

The drop shot rig or drop shot rigging is widely known among angling circles. If you talk to anglers that target bass or many other species of fish you will find that the drop shot rig is a popular method of fishing.  Drop shot fishing is not commonly talked about in catfishing circles though. The […]

Pool Noodle Rig For Catfishing

pool noodle rig

The pool noodle rig is sort of a hybrid catfish rig. The best description would be a cross between a balloon rig and a slip bobber rig. The pool noodle rig is not a catfish rig that you’ll need to use on a frequent basis but can certainly be useful in some situations. This works […]

Balloon Fishing With Balloon Rigs

balloon rig balloon fishing

The balloon rig or “balloon fishing” has been a very popular fishing rig for striper fishermen for a number of years and has also become popular with catfish anglers for certain applications. This is also a popular rig for fishing for a number of other species of saltwater species of fish. There are many different variations of […]