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Jug Fishing 101


In October 2010 I released the first eBook through Learn To Catch Catfish called “How To Make The Best Catfish Juglines For Jug Fishing”. This eBook was a step by step walk through of how to make the juglines I have sold for almost ten years under the Redneck’s Juglines name, called the Redneck Original […]

Jug Fishing Hooks


Hooks for jug fishing are a topic that I get questioned on frequently. People are always asking me “what are the best hooks for jug fishing for catfish”. This like just about everything that has to do with catfishing is a topic that has many variables to it and choosing the best hooks for catfish […]

Making Juglines For Jug Fishing E-Book

Juglines for Jug Fishing Catfish

STEP BY STEP  INSTRUCTIONS ON MAKING AND BUILDING THE VERY BEST JUG LINES FOR JUG FISHING AVAILABLE   Want to learn how to make jug lines, fishing jugs, fishing noodles or whatever you choose to call them? Well you have come to the right place. If you haven’t read my profile page then stop by […]

Free Floating Juglines For Jug Fishing Catfish

Catfish Fishing Noodle Jug Both

This article covers Basics of jug fishing with drifting (free floating) How to build “fishing noodle” drifting juglines for jug fishing catfish Jug Fishing with drifting juglines or free floating juglines is much like drift fishing for catfish except using a fishing jug or jugline instead of a rod and reel. The basic jug fishing […]

Jug Fishing For Catfish Basics

jug fishing catfish jug

Jug Fishing For Catfish  With Juglines (Jugging) Jug fishing for catfish is a fun and exciting way to fish. If you are looking for information on jug fishing for catfish then you have come to the right place. Not only am I am the manufacturer of the first and the ORIGINAL Texas catfish bait soap […]

Rigging Juglines For Jug Fishing

jug lines for jug fishing catfish

Rigging Anchored Jug Lines for Jugging For Catfish As many of you know a number of years ago I developed some juglines called Redneck’s Juglines using closed cell polyethylene foam (similar to swimming pool noodles).  When I began marketing the Redneck’s Original Jugline for Jug Fishing . This form of “noodle catfish jugs” were nonexistent […]