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Preparing Your Boat For Spring Fishing

prepare your boat for spring fishing

Here in Texas we don’t have a fishing “season” we can fish all year long. My catfish boat never gets winterized and winter is one of my busiest seasons so there is very little downtime for my boat. There are masses of anglers though that cannot fish in the fall and winter due to the weather […]

Three Must Have Items For The Boat Catfish Angler


  Last week I covered Five Rookie Catfishing Mistakes and talked in depth about not getting obsessed with shiny new things and having tons of new rods and reels and other catfish tackle. Your tackle and gear does not catch fish, learning how to pattern fish and get your baits in front of them consistently […]

DIY Box Anchor Plans and Information

box anchor

  I have been using Digger Anchors for quite some time now (see my Digger Anchor review)and have never had an issues with them or their performance but occasionally in really high winds on one of the lakes I fish it doesn’t want to hold.  This isn’t because they are not good anchors but rather […]

Navionics Hotmaps Review And Uses For Fishing

navionics hotmaps

  I’ve had a number of questions recently regarding Navionics hot maps and the uses for catfishing or just fishing in general. The questions about Navionics Hotmaps range from everything from the basics like what are these maps, how do you get them on your fishfinder all the way to more advanced questions like how […]

Boat Maintenance and Repairs, Helpful Tips and Tricks


I mentioned the other day in the article on my boat wrap project and experience that part of the reason for my extended absence from writing, doing catfishing videos and putting up new episodes of Catfishing Radio  was that I was doing some major repairs and maintenance on my Xpress HD22CC catfish boat. Generally every […]

The Gripper Boats Cleats Review, Worlds Best Boat Cleats


Something like boat cleats may seem trivial and is probably something that most anglers wouldn’t put much thought into but they are an essential part of my catfish boat. I found these cleats about 15 years ago and installed them on my boat then and since I found them I have installed them on each […]

Transporting Fishing Rods For Easy Access, Less Damage


I have a lot of essential tools on my catfishing boat that I rely on day in and day out that just seem second nature to me but are not to most people. I am a bit unorganized and rely on having stuff in the right place at the right time for quick easy access. […]

GPS Uses For Catfishing


I have covered in depth how important I feel that a graph or fish finder is for fishing for blue catfish extensively in the blue catfish anglers #1 tool and covered in detail some of the options to look for when choosing a fish finder  for catfishing as well as my top fish finder picks […]

Blue Catfish Anglers #1 Tool


Hopefully by now you have read enough of the catfishing articles here to know that blue catfish and quite different in their feeding habits and patterns than channel and flathead catfish. They are all “whiskered fish” and many people commonly talk about catfishing in general terms and lump them all in together. These are all […]

Bee Ready Rod Holders


Bee Ready Rod Holders are an essential item in my catfish boat. I have been using Bee Ready Rod Holder for going on 10 years now and have had tremendous success with them. That’s not to say there are not other good brands and models out there, I just like the simplistic design and durability […]

Digger Anchor Review

Digger Anchors

There are not many products that I use that I sit back and just say “wow” but Digger Anchor is one of those products. If you own a catfish boat you owe it to yourself to check out a Digger Anchor. Boat control is one of the critical elements of catfishing and when you start targeting […]

Ethanol In Boats – The Silent Killer

ethanol boat gas

I am not a mechanic or a small engine expert but I know my way around an engine and a wrench, or anything mechanical for that matter and rarely end up taking anything to a mechanic or “shop” to be repaired, I can usually figure it out. I have mentioned a few times that I […]