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Catfish Edge Trailer: Cutting Edge Catfishing

catfish edge trailer

Last year I announced a new project I’ve been working on called Catfish Edge. It’s the sole reason that everything has been so quiet here at Learn To Catch Catfish the latter part of 2013 and the driving factor behind some major changes in everything I do including my guide service. We’ve just posted a […]

Winter Catfishing Action Video

winter catfishing action video

With the holidays approaching I have not been posting much. I’m still working on a tremendous amount of content that I’ll be sharing with the Catfishing Secrets mailing list in the very near future. I’ve finished two ebooks that will be given away to the email subscribers. The first of these books is on catfish […]

Top Catfishing Videos Of 2011


Earlier this week I posted the Top 11 Catfishing Information of 2011 from Learn To Catch Catfish. I wanted to put together one more compilation of some of the best of the best of 2011 and this one is all about catfishing videos. I didn’t do a lot of videos in the early part of […]

Fall and Winter Catfishing [CQT]


  Fall and Winter are two of my favorite times of the year for catfishing, and it still to this day amazes me how many anglers put away their gear and stop fishing when it gets cooler and the seasons start to change. People ask me constantly what is the best time of the year […]

Catfishing Quick Tips [CQT]

catfishing quick tips

Catfishing Quick Tips is a new video series I have started here at Learn To Catch Catfish. Some Background I started doing videos when I first started this site and it was something I had absolutely no experience doing. From the filming to editing I had absolutely zero experience. I borrowed a camera from someone, […]

Extreme Shallow Water Catfishing – April 2011


I have been making more of an effort to shoot more on the water action catfishing videos over the past couple of months when fishing with my clients and have been doing a much better job of it. In the last couple of months or so I have collected several hours of action video, I […]

Catfishing Videos – Top 10 of 2010

catfishing videos

I recently covered the look back at Learn To Catch Catfish for 2010 and wanted to add one more article with a look back at 2010, and then I promise this is the last one. Shooting catfishing videos whether on or offf the water is something that I really just started doing in 2010. While […]

Flathead Catfish Behavior Insights


This is the companion to the Blue Catfish Behavior insights video I posted the other day, but is about flathead catfish (although it does show a few blue catfish as well). Most fishermen are walking by these tanks and smiling and pointing and the fish when they see them and are not really taking in […]

Blue Catfish Behavior Insights


Quite some time back I was at Cabela’s in Fort Worth Texas picking up some catfish tackle with my kids and we took a trip by their massive walk through fish tank that they have on site. This is a cheap way of babysitting for me because my kids will sit inside the fish tank […]

Catfishing Compilation Video

Well, I am up and running and again and have been messing around with some video editing trying to learn my way around some different features, so I put together this short video. Not being able to sleep is a blessing and a curse sometimes…… There is not much “instructional” about this video but it […]

Catching Shad In A Cast Net

shad for catfishng

I posted step by step instructions the other day on how to throw a cast net and have posted numerous other articles like how to store one,  and preparing a net, and the parts video. I was digging through some files on my computer and dug up this old video that has some actual footage of […]

Winter Trophy Blue Catfish Video

Winter trophy blue catfish action! Catching trophy blue catfish is one of my favorite types of catfishing and is always a good time on the water. There is nothing like the rush of latching on to a big monster trophy blue catfish and feeling it shake it’s head when you set the hook. I have been […]