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Fall and Winter Catfishing [CQT]


  Fall and Winter are two of my favorite times of the year for catfishing, and it still to this day amazes me how many anglers put away their gear and stop fishing when it gets cooler and the seasons start to change. People ask me constantly what is the best time of the year […]

Extreme Shallow Water Catfishing – April 2011


I have been making more of an effort to shoot more on the water action catfishing videos over the past couple of months when fishing with my clients and have been doing a much better job of it. In the last couple of months or so I have collected several hours of action video, I […]

The Blue Catfish Finger Munch Video

Spring Catfish

This is one of my favorite videos that I ever shot. My friend and fellow fishing guide Jackie Kennedy was trying to get this blue catfish off the hook and it clamped down on his hand and went to spinning while it was locked on his hand. I could tell it hurt him pretty bad […]