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Pro HDR For iPhone and Better Fishing Photos


I covered some tips for taking better fishing pictures a while back and this article is more about pictures without people or fish in them using iPhone or Android and a simple app call Pro HDR. I’m a bit of a photography buff. I took tons of photography classes back in college, back when a […]

Sonar, Down Imaging, Side Imaging and 360 Imaging For Catfish [CR EP 26]

choosing a fish finder

  In the last episode of Catfishing Radio we discussed bank fishing for catfish tips and common mistakes focusing on increasing the success of anglers fishing for catfish from the shore, regardless of which catfish species you target. In this weeks show we are flipping things around a bit again and focusing on the catfish […]

DIY Box Anchor Plans and Information

box anchor

  I have been using Digger Anchors for quite some time now (see my Digger Anchor review)and have never had an issues with them or their performance but occasionally in really high winds on one of the lakes I fish it doesn’t want to hold.  This isn’t because they are not good anchors but rather […]

Bill Dance and Big River Catfish [CR EP 23]


  Catfishing Radio Episode 23 is the first show we have done about big river catfishing and this week’s guest is Mr. Bill Dance, America’s favorite fisherman.   Show Announcements and Introductions We start this weeks show with announcements. Recent reviews on iTunes (please help us by leaving us a star rating and writing a […]

Navionics Hotmaps Review And Uses For Fishing

navionics hotmaps

  I’ve had a number of questions recently regarding Navionics hot maps and the uses for catfishing or just fishing in general. The questions about Navionics Hotmaps range from everything from the basics like what are these maps, how do you get them on your fishfinder all the way to more advanced questions like how […]

The Reason It’s Called Fishing and Not Catching [CR EP 22]


Catfishing Radio is back and this is the very first episode of season two of the Catfishing Radio podcast. You can find a complete listing of all the previous podcast episodes in season 1 on the Catfishing Radio page of the site. This is the first episode of the podcast in quite some time. I […]

World Catfish Classic 2012

world catfish classic

This coverage of the World Catfish Classic 2012 is part of the Learn To Catch Catfish ongoing coverage of catfish tournaments. If you would like to have your tournament organization or event listed on Learn To Catch Catfish contact us for more information. The World Catfish Classic doesn’t really fit into the realm of catfishing […]

Texas State Junior Angler Record Catfish


I am back from my break and while I haven’t been “not working” I just have not been working on Learn To Catch Catfish and Catfishing Radio for the past few weeks during the holidays but it has been a very busy time for me at North Texas Catfish Guide Service. First order of business […]

What’s That Noise Catfish Make?


Ever caught a catfish that was barking, squawking, croaking or seemed like it was talking to you? Ever wondered, what’s that noise that catfish make on occasion when you catch them? Keep reading because in this week’s Catfishing Quick Tips video we explain it all. It is fairly common when fishing for catfish to catch […]

The 15 Minute Rule [CR EP 20]


In this episode of Catfishing Radio I talk about the 15 minute rule for blue catfish and channel catfish. The show starts out with announcements and information on: The Learn To Catch Catfish Facebook  page Following me on Twitter Some follow up information on the Splat Fishing training program we recently released. Recent contest and […]

Fall and Winter Catfishing [CQT]


  Fall and Winter are two of my favorite times of the year for catfishing, and it still to this day amazes me how many anglers put away their gear and stop fishing when it gets cooler and the seasons start to change. People ask me constantly what is the best time of the year […]

Catfish Hooks and More With TJ Stallings [CR EP 18]


In this episode of Catfishing Radio we have another guest on the show, TJ Stallings. If you don’t know the name, TJ is a market leader and respected member of the fishing tackle industry, fishing hook expert, outdoor writer and avid angler. TJ works for TTI Blakemore Lure Company. Under his umbrella are the brands […]