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Catfish Dip Bait

Catfish dip bait is a popular form of catfish bait. We have written a number of articles about punch bait but haven’t written a lot about catfish dip bait so it’s about time we give them their due.

Catfish dip bait is  typically a cheese based product and are in the category of products that are typically referred to as “stink” bait because they are usually quite pungent.

Many people fishing for catfish make their own bait and the Bells Of Hell Stink Bait recipe is a very popular and well known homemade recipe. I have never personally used this recipe but I know others who have and I have heard very good things about it.

The biggest difference between dip and punch bait is that dip bait is generally much thinner than their punch bait counterparts and typically require an implement to help keep them on the hook. Popular items for this purpose are Dip Worms which are rubber worms with ridges in them or hollow tubes with holes in them. Other hooks like sponge hooks which are a treble hook with a sponge on it to hold the product on the hook are very popular as well. In recent years another form of hook that is similar to a sponge hook has gained popularity and these hooks are often referred to as dropper hooks.

Dip bait and sponge baits are very often referred to as being one in the same but just as there is a difference in consistency between punch and dip bait, there is a difference in consistency between dip and sponge baits as well. That being said, sponge and dip baits are not one in the same, so you should be aware of that when choosing a product. As a general rule, they are often close to the same consistency but sponge bait is generally thinner in consistency.

You can often use a sponge hook to fish with dip baits, but as a general rule wouldn’t have success getting a sponge bait to stick to a tube or worm “catfish lure”.

While punch bait gains it name from “punching” the hook into the substance, dip bait gains its name because you dip the hook into the jar, and generally stir the bait up with a stick while the lure or sponge is in the product.

Many manufacturers caution you against getting excess water into the product, which is often caused by baiting and then re-baiting while there is excess water present. It is for this reason that many fishermen will squeeze the sponge on the hook out with their fingers, or wipe off the catfish lure removing the excess water before they put more on the hook.

These baits are commonly used for channel catfish and are well known for producing excellent numbers of smaller eating sized fish or “box fish”. They are commonly fished just like punch baits and fishing over baited holes or chumming with soured wheat or range cubes is a very popular tactic to use when fishing with these baits.

There are a number of very effective catfish dip baits available. I have used many different products in the past but generally prefer punch baits over dip baits because they are generally much cleaner to fish with, but both can be very effective, especially for channel catfish. Some anglers have success catching blue catfish with catfish dip baits but for the most part you can expect to primarily catch channel catfish when fishing with these products.

Any of the techniques I have outlined about fishing with punch baits or chumming or baiting a hole for catfish will work for the most part for fishing with catfish dip bait.

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