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Catfish Dough Bait Recipes

catfish dough bait recipes

I am looking for some good catfish dough bait recipes, can you give me any good catfish dough bait recipes and some tips on catfishing with them? .. Mitchell

I have some free catfish bait recipes posted here in an article about making your own homemade catfish bait.

You can make a catfish dough bait without any recipes though and come up with your own fairly easily. Generally, you want to use flour and water until the dough is a very thick consistency , just continue to add flour in small amounts until you get your baits thick as you like it. As a general rule it needs to be thick and and firm enough to stay on a treble hook (think of bread dough that is thick enough to roll up into small round pieces).

Once you have the right consistency then you will want to add some scent to it. You can split your dough base into different containers or ziplock bags and experiment with different scents and additives in your if you want.

Some common scents or additives to add are:

  • Garlic
  • Cinnamon
  • Ground up chicken livers
  • Ground up bait fish (shad or minnows)
  • Sardines
  • Anise
  • Asafoetida
  • Cheese

Once you add your scents or additives to your dough you can add more flour at that point if they get too thick or thin.

Now that I got that out of the way, I want to add something.

I wouldn’t waste a lot of time with catfish dough baits. If you ask anyone that does any serious catfishing you are going to find that most of them don’t fish with dough baits. Dough baits are really more of an effective bait for carp than they are catfish (google boilies and  you will find a ton of information). While I won’t say that you are not going to catch catfish with a dough bait I will say that your not likely to have any major successes fishing with them for extended periods of time.

If you are wanting to make your own homemade catfish bait I would lean more towards one of the other recipes like the Bells Of Hell Stink bait or making your own homeade dip bait, or punch bait for catfish. Your going to have much more success catfishing with those.

If you don’t want to waste your time making your own homemade catfish bait then look at buying some proven catfish baits that are commercially manufactured like dip baits, punch baits and soap baits (especially for jug fishing or setline fishing). You should be able to pick them up at any local store.

Tips On Catfishing With Dough Baits

I can count on one hand the number of times I have done any catfishing with dough baits and don’t know anybody at all that uses them either. If you do choose to target catfish with your homemade dough bait recipes then I would read chumming and baiting a hole for catfish and catfish punch bait 101 to get a good start on some of the general techniques that you can use for targeting channel catfish.

There are a  number of rigs you can use for these techniques but I would lean more towards a slip sinker rig or slip bobber rig. You might also want to check out some dough bait treble hooks . These are treble hooks that have a spring around the shaft of the hook that helps hold the dough bait on the hook. These dough bait hooks also come in straight shank hooks as well.

Product Link:

Treble Hooks For Dough Bait

Straight Shank Hooks For Dough Bait

Make sure you read all of our articles on catfish baits and catfishing techniques to assure you have a good understanding on choosing the right catfish baits.

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  1. Mike Covington says:

    For any of you who are not familiar with Asafoetida….Folks from around India call it “Devil’s Dung” be care when and where you use it. :)

    But, I agree with Chad when he says don’t bother making some homemade dough bait. Punch Bait in my opinion will fish circles around it once you use punch bait long enough to kind of master it.

  2. Catfisherkid123 says:

    I may be twelve but I fish every weekend I’ve noticed if you use a Carolina rig with 35 pound braid and a clear fluorocarbon or mono leader with a size 8-2 springed trebble hook and first dip the hook in hog wild then wrap a big ole night crawler on it you can limit out in a hour the first time I used it I caught a 6 pound channel cat or instead of that liver and cheese magic bait same everything you can catch fish try it

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