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Catfish Edge Is Coming! Have You Got The Edge?

Catfish Edge

Several weeks ago I mentioned a project that I have been working on for quite some time here in the background that’s the future of Learn To Catch Catfish.

I wanted to begin releasing some of this information and sending some information out a couple of weeks ago and “life” happened in the process and delayed things some.

I ended up getting really sick and could not do much for about a week, then had surgery and was laid up for another week and am just now starting to get back on my feet again. Somewhere in the middle of all that I turned 40 and celebrated my 17th wedding anniversary by sitting on the couch.

I finally got word from the lawyers that I was all clear to go ahead an release some information and we have a basic shell of a website live at the Catfish Edge site.

Over the coming months you will begin seeing the Catfish Edge brand more and more on the website and through our social media pages and through our emails as we things progress.

What Is Catfish Edge?

I’m taking Learn To Catch Catfish and expanding it, it’s bigger, faster, stronger than what you see here at Learn To Catch Catfish.

Beyond that I can’t really share any details at this point because the copycats are already hard at work trying to figure out what I’m doing and exactly what Catfish Edge is. We have all of the backend pages locked down right now so nobody can see anything while we continue to put things together.

I’ve got a ton of really cool stuff on order that will be here soon including some hats, t-shirts, decals and more.

Make sure you are signed up for the mailing list and keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for more details as they are released as well as some free prize giveaways from Catfish Edge and some of our new partners!

Until then get ready for Catfish Edge, the cutting edge of catfishing!

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About Chad

Chad Ferguson is a professional catfish guide and founder of Learn To Catch Catfish. Click here to subscribe for more exclusive catfish fishing tips by email and then follow on Twitter or Google


  1. Looks Interesting – I like the domain name already.

  2. I am glad you are on the mend! Really looking forward to what is to come.

  3. Hi Chad, I trust that you are having a ‘blessed’ day!!! I am also very glad to hear that you are improving! I will add you to my ‘prayer list!’ I do appreciate getting the “Catfish Edge” e-mails and will be looking forward to receiving many more. Happy belated birthday and Anniversary wishes. May you all have many more!!!

    May God continue to ‘bless’ you and yours always!!!!

    In His Service,

    Dave E. Saint Joseph, MO <

  4. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Chad,
    Sure hope none of the jokes I sent you had anything to do with making you sick!!!
    The new web-site looks great and thanx for working so hard on it… 40 is a great birthday to have, but Not to be sick on !!!!

    Hope everything is healing-up and y’all have some HAPPY DAYS !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dave Musgrave says:

    Just turned 40 myself Chad… it’s not a bad age brother.

    Love your site, signed up for the new one as well.

    Hope to make a trip over to Texas so you can put me on some big ones soon!

  6. joel w carter says:

    i was just wondering chad what is the biggest catfish you ever caught,and what did you catch it on?

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