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Daiwa Megaforce Reels

I’m looking at buying a Daiwa Megaforce Reels or Megaforce plus reel, with the twitching bar just to play around with because it’s a neat option, do you think this reel which I think is more for bass would work good for catching catfish I will probably only use it on farm pond fishing for nothing probably over a couple to a few pound fish at most? If not ,what is a real good reel for catfishing and what would you suggest as a real good rod?     Thanks, Breck Dockery

Not A Catfshing Reel


I don’t have any first hand experience with the Daiwa Megaforce Reels fishing reels but I did a little research online and then actually stopped and checked one at the local fishing tackle shop today.

Let me preface this post by saying that Daiwa makes darn good reels.

If you are just fishing for small catfish like you are saying and are after 1-2 lb fish then the reel you are looking at would probably be fine, and would be a versatile reel for fishing for other species of fish as well. It appears that reel retails for around $60 at most of the online fishing tackle retailers.

If you are wanting a good multi species fishing reel then this is probably a good choice. If you are specifically buying a reel to fish for catfishing exclusively then I think I would personally stay away from this fishing reel and go with a round baitcaster.

The Megaforce “Twitch” option is probably not going to be of any use for catfishing. This feature appears to be geared more towards bass fishing and lure presentation.

The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500C3 is considered by many to be the “gold standard” or the absolute best fishing reel for catfishing that is on the market, because they work well for big and small fish.

If you are specifically buying this reel for catfishing I would look more towards a round bait cast reel, similar in style to an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500C3.  An Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500C3 will cost you more but you can also pickup some other models for a bit cheaper and definitely in the price range of the Daiwa. Garcia models in the 6000 series and 6600 series will be very similar to the 6500 C3. These are all round bait cast fishing reels in the same size and style. The only major differences between the 6500C3, 6000 Series and 6600 series will be the bearings and gear ratios. Some of the reels will have bushings instead of bearings and some will have more or less bearings than other models.

The Ambassadeur 6500C3 (and other similar round baitcasters) are a popular for catfishing because:

Capable of handling big fish and small fish

Line alarm (bait clicker)

Large line capacity

Extremely durable

Casts well

Parts are readily available

Schematics are easily available

Just make sure that if you do purchase Abu Garcia reels you purchase the “Made In Sweden” reels, they are the most durable.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a good multipurpose fishing reel the Daiwa Megaforce will probably be a good option for you to use when but if you are looking for a good catfishing reel I would look more towards the round baitcasters.  There are a number of round baitcasters available that you might want to look into. I just have tendency to lean towards Abu Garcia as they are a proven timeless reel.

I am working on some articles in regards to how to choose a rod and how to choose a reel so make sure to be on the lookout for these in the coming weeks. Until then check out my suggested catfish tackle page and all the other information on catfish rods and reels.

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