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Catfish Tackle and Gear Deals 2013 [Coupon Codes]

Catfish Tackle and Gear Deals 2013 and BeyondI’m not much of a shopper, in fact I really despise shopping and over the past ten years or so I’ve manage to find ways to stay out of stores as much as possible. It’s so bad that when I find a shirt or something I like (and that also fits me) I’ll be the same shirt in every different color they have it in so I can reduce the possibility of having to shop again.

I always tell my wife, if I can’t order it on my phone, computer or get it at the tackle shop I don’t want it and probably don’t need it!

That being said, I know a lot of people are doing some major shopping this weekend and next week with the upcoming Christmas holidays and the email inbox and our social media streams have been blowing up with people looking for deals on this “mega shopping” weekend.

Whether you call it black Friday, Cyber Monday, the holiday season or just another excuse to buy some cool fishing gear we want to pass some things along to help you in your quest!

Note: We’ll keep this list updated through the 2013 holiday season as we find deals. If you find something that you think should be added to this list send us an email here or hit is up on Twitter.



2013 Holiday Shopping Deals – Cyber Monday and Beyond

This list of catfish gear deals is current as of  12/3/13. We’ll add and update items to this list as we find new deals or these expire through the holiday season.


Brute Outdoors Coolers

We’ve long been a Brute Outdoorsfan of the Brute Outdoors premium coolers and have covered them extensively in the past. If you’re like us and constantly on the water, in the field and living from a cooler then the Brute Outdoors cooler is for you.

Not only are they super tough but they also have more insulation than their competitors which means they hold ice longer.

We use our Brute Outdoors cooler for food and drinks when on the boat and even for storing our shad. Gone are the days of buying ice several times a day and having coolers when broken latches, hinges and lids.

As if it couldn’t get any better, Brute Outdoors coolers are made in the USA!

This is the only cooler we’ve found we’re willing to give the Catfish Edge seal of approval. We use them and you should too!

Brute Outdoors is running a sale from now until December 2nd at midnight for a free lid graphic (a $25 value) by using the coupon code LIDGRAPHIC at checkout.

if you’re not interested in a fancy lid graphic then you can use the coupon code CATFISHEDGE for $15 off any of the Brute Outdoors cooler.

Just click this link to get started shopping at the Brute Outdoors website and enter the coupon code at checkout.


Team Catfish Tackle [Added 12/3/13]

Team Catfish Tackle is offering free shipping on Team Catfish and Fle Fly products on Monday December 16th 2013. Team Catfish Logo

There’s no coupon code required but this special offer is not valid for online orders.

To take advantage of this special offer you must place your order by phone through Team Catfish by calling 866-466-5738 between 8:30 and 4:30 to place your order and again only phone order will receive free shipping.

Want to learn some more about Team Catfish products? We’ve covered them extensively with reviews and use in the past.

Here’s some links to check out:

And there’s also several interviews on the Catfishing Radio podcast with owner Jeff Williams like this one.

Check out all of the Team Catfish products here.

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Expired Deals

Whisker Seeker Tackle – EXPIRED

Whisker Seeker TackleWe’ve been watching the guys over at Whisker Seeker Tackle for a while since their products hit the market and recently started testing some of their products. Whisker Seeker sells a wide variety of items including their signature “catfish lures”, hooks, swivels, fishing line, apparel and more.

Whisker Seeker Tackle has introduced some items to the catfish tackle market that have turned some heads as many people have never considered using what Whisker Seeker founder Matthew Davis calls “catfish lures”.

We’ve used a few products extensively and put them through the torture test and are still testing others. One thing has proven true through everything we’ve seen from Whisker Seeker is they’re focused on building quality innovative products for catfish anglers and not churning out junk.

We’ve used their Catfish Peg Floats in the 2” size and 2.5” size extensively in recent weeks and they’re like peg floats on steroids. It’s no secret we’re a big fan of the santee rig for catching blue catfish and one of the challenges has always been smashing the peg floats and them falling apart. It happens with trophy class blue catfish chomping down on them and also when you hang up while fishing.

The Whisker Seeker peg floats are crazy tough, I’m not sure what they’re made of but they’re a cut above anything else we’ve tried in terms of durability. They definitely have the Catfish Edge.

Whisker Seeker is running a “Cyber Monday” sale Monday December 2, 2013 from 6:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night with some rock bottom deals of 40-60% off their products.

We reached out to them and asked for a special deal for you because we’re cool like that.

We’ve emailed a special coupon code for the rock bottom discount above and beyond what you see on the Whisker Seeker Cyber Monday sale page to everyone on the Learn To Catch Catfish and Catfish Edge mailing lists that has the “best deal”.

If you weren’t signed up for the mailing list then we’ve got a coupon code for you as well!

Click here and follow the instructions on the page to unlock a coupon code for a free Whisker Seeker hat with a $25 minimum purchase.


Catfish Edge Apparel

Catfish EdgeIf you want to be sporting the best look on the water or off then Catfish Edge gear is for you!

Catfish Edge gear is available online as of today in the Catfish Edge shop and we’re running a holiday special to kick things off so we’re going to toot our own horns first! If you’re wondering what the heck Catfish Edge is you can read some more information here. We have not released all of the details about Catfish Edge but will be doing so as we head into 2014.

We’ve got hats, t-shirts and decals available now in the Catfish Edge store and will be adding more products after the first of the year and doing some really big things with Catfish Edge in 2014.

In addition to being the coolest catfish shirts, hats and apparel available we’ve got some stuff coming up ion 2013

Since this is the first time we’ve made the Catfish Edge deal available to the public we’re running HUGE sale for the holiday season we’ve emailed a coupon code to the Catfish Edge mailing list and Learn To Catch Catfish mailing list with a HUGE discount.

This is a one time deal, we won’t offer this stuff at this price again because we’re actually losing money on some of these items.

If you weren’t already signed up for the Catfish Edge or Learn To Catch Catfish mailing lists then we’ve got a coupon code available for you also.

Get 30% off everything in the Catfish Edge store through this coupon but if you’re signed up for the mailing list be sure to check your email for the other coupon codes.

This sale covers everything including Catfish Edge shirts, decals, adjustable caps and the Catflex caps as well!


Learn To Catch Catfish Premium Products

Learn To Catch CatfishLearn To Catch Catfish premium products are ebooks and online training programs that are the best of the best when it comes to information on locating and catching catfish.

These are in depth guides on locating and catching catfish or specific techniques that walk you through everything you need to know. Think of them as a guided catfish trip online at a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay for a guide catfish trip fishing with me.

There are a wide variety of ebooks available that cover a variety of topics including the Secret Catfish Rig, drift fishing for catfish, catching channel catfish in the summer, catching blue catfish in the spring, catching shad for bait and more.

You can check out all of the Learn To Catch Catfish premium products here in the online store.

We’ve emailed a coupon code to the Catfish Edge and Learn To Catch Catfish mailing lists with the deepest discount. If you weren’t already signed up for the mailing lists then we’ve got a coupon code available for you also.

Click here and follow the instructions on the page to unlock a coupon code for 20% off all Learn To Catch Catfish premium products but if you’re signed up for the mailing list be sure to check your email for the other coupon codes.



More Deals On Catfish Tackle and Gear?

We’ll continue to update this page if we stumble across any more deals on catfish tackle, gear or other stuff you might be interested in as a catfish angler.

If you find something you think we should add, just leave a comment below and let us know.

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