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Catfishing Month In Review – May 2010

It has been a crazy month and we have had a LOT going on around here (and elsewhere) to say the least.

Stuff I was doing this month when I wasn’t here:

Well I have been catfishing like a lunatic on guide trips chasing the last of the Spring shallow water blues and starting to chase the Summer channels, and even learned a few new things while in the process. I try to learn something new or learn a new place every trip because I truly believe when you stop learning you have stopped growing, especially when it involves fishing.

We have been working like mad trying to keep up with bait soap orders and have even redesigned the Redneck’s Bait. It is not 100% done and is still a work in progress but you can check it out here. All of the old pages are still in tact and the new website is running behind the scenes but I will probably wait to switch everything over until Fall when things slow down some.

In addition to the website redesign a close friend of mine talked me into bring the Texas Catfishing Resource back from the dead so I have been working on a redesign of that as well. As soon as I get done with that we will be adding Texas specific news, guide profiles and fishing reports etc but all of the catfishing tips and tricks etc will be added here. I still have not worked everything out 100% on what is going to take place there but you can stop by and check out the new layout when you get time at the Texas Catfishing Resource. All of the old archive pages are still in place but the redesigned site is running behind the scenes. Again, not 100% sure what is going to take place there or when they will take place.

Somehow, during the middle of all that I found time to continue updating things here and also managed to write a 50 page book on jug fishing for catfish somewhere in the middle of all that. I was originally going to release the book as a paid e-book that you could but and download but now think I am just going to post it all here, I am not 100% sure yet. The jug fishing book walks you step by step on how to make my Redneck’s Original Juglines and Rednecks Flagging Catfish juglines, both “fishing noodle” juglines.

Somehow in the middle of all this I found time to help my wife start a blog also. She is an amazing cook and her blog is mostly about cooking, decorating, kids and other “chick stuff”. The reason I am telling you this is because you guys need to stop in at her blog and copy and past the website address and email it to your wives or girlfriends and get them to check it out and check out some of the recipes. I promise you will be glad they did if they start checking out some of her awesome recipes. Your dinner table will never be the same again.

In addition to all this we are about to roll out a new look here. You might notice that some of the navigation across the top has changed. We are doing a bunch of behind the scenes changes and will be rolling out the “new look” soon so make sure you stay tuned.

This month:

May 2010 Articles

Rigging Juglines For Jug Fishing – Information on the best way to rig juglines.
Chumming and Baiting A Hole – Information on every type of chum all in one page, how to bait a hole and everything else.
Become A Fan and Follow Tweets – Information on how to follow us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
Chumming With Hen Scratch – Chumming with hen scratch.
Chumming With Corn – Why I don’t like using soured corn.
Cottonseed Cakes – Talk about cottonseed cakes and their uses.
Range Cubes – Chumming and baiting a hole with range cubes or cottonseed cubes
Wheat And Milo – How to make wheat and milo and their uses
Ugly Stik Catfish Rod Review – Review of these rods
Fishing Line – Information on fishing line and choosing fishing line.
Catfish Grabblin – Information on “grabblin” noodling or grabbin and the Girls Gone Grabblin catfish DVD series.
Olsen’s Pro Am Fishing Shop – Information on Olsen’s Pro Am Fishing shop in Ft Worth Texas
Catfishing Resources Pages Announcement – Post about the addition of the catfishing pages
Goonch Catfish – Talk about the Goonch catfish and why you cannot catch a goonch catfish in the US
Tackle – Another post about tackle and the best tackle available.
Three Way Rigs – Information on how to tie a three way rig and their uses.
Abu Garcia 7000ic3 – Information on the Abu Garcia 7000ic3 reel
Leader Length – The effects of leader length on rigs and choosing the right leader length

Most Popular Topics This Month

The Santee Cooper Rig
Three Way Rigs
The Tackle Page
Slip Sinker Rigs
Leader Length
Slip Bobber Rigs
Homemade Bait Recipes
The Rigs Page
Leader Line Trick
The Jug Fishing Page

I had a little trouble telling who was signed up for the newsletter and who wasn’t on the Girls Gone Grabblin DVD Contest because folks didn’t follow the instructions. We drew names from a hat and are going to give DVD’s to Lonnie Parker and Dan Artz so if you guys will email me at and include your name and email address (and clarify if you were already signed up for our newsletter) we will get some DVD’s shipped out to you. If for some reason both of you were signed up for the newsletter already we will send both of a all three Girls Gone Grabblin DVD‘s so just let me know.

In the next couple of days we will be posted a new free prize drawing so make sure you are signed up for the daily feed and the newsletter now so you will be in line to win some of the great stuff we have here, and also make sure you stay tuned for more great information because we have some GREAT stuff in the works!

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  1. Neil Kolban says:

    Never realized that you posted so many articles in May. I tune in every couple of days to see whats new and the new articles keep me coming back … so thanks for them.

  2. Neil Kolban says:

    A couple of things to note on the new layouts:

    1. Still getting Error 404 on comments
    2. The posting time is an hour off.
    3. The front page looks good except the information about the articles is covering the picture logos (I like the picture logos)

  3. Still working out some bugs.

    The 404 error has been isolated I am just trying to find someone who can give me some insight on how to correct it, it is beyond me at this point. I have reached out to a couple of folks so I hope to have corrected soon.

    We made a slight change on the test over the photos last night so hopefully that is better.

  4. Neil Kolban says:

    The text over the photos is indeed better but I’m afraid I’m still finding it distracting. Can the text be placed underneath the photos or … maybe reduce the font size on the text quite dramatically? I do like the photos and the sizes of those are great. I also see that they show up as nice tooltips.

    The use of Web 2.0 technology is also good. The dynamic menus, the tab folders etc … very navigable.

  5. Neil Kolban says:

    Oh my … I just posted a comment … and no 404 error!! Yeah!!! I also see that the timestamp of the post is now. Perfect!!

  6. Baby steps, still working on it one piece at a time. I think I am through the major roadblocks at this point.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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