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Catfishing Month In Review February 2011

february catfishing month in review 2011


The February Catfishing Month In Review  – 2011 Edition

This is my monthly wrap up, the catfishing month in review for Learn To Catch Catfish for February 2011. A look back at the articles, videos and other information from Learn To Catch Catfish for the month of February 2011. Since the website is now one year old I am also including a look back at the stuff from the previous year as well for that that have not been around as long.

Things finally thawed out here in Fort Worth after the big ice storm and we are back in the water and fishing. The fishing was really good but slacked off some the past few days with the cold front that came through Thursday. I expect with a day or two of warm weather it will fire back up again.

March, April and early May are my favorite time of the year to catch blue catfish, it is nothing short of phenomenal fishing to say the least. I am really looking forward to it and with the action we have been getting into over the past few weeks it is getting very close, and will only get better from here.

I have been working on a big project that I wanted to announce March 1st but I got behind and have to sit on it until I can get it finished up, I am hoping here in the next couple of weeks.

I have had a lot of emails and questions about Catfishing radio and Catfishing TV and when I was going to kick that off and I am still working on getting the pieces in place to do this and do it right. I don’t want to go off and do this and have the quality be horrible or not have the infrastructure in place to do it correctly so I am still working on it, but will hopefully be able to go live with this soon. Make sure you are signed up for the catfishing secrets newsletter because that is the only way you will have access when it does go live.

I am heading into the season where things go haywire around here with making bait, fishing and trying to keep up with everything as everyone comes out of the woodwork so it’s a juggling act.

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I want to say first and foremost to everyone that takes the time to comment or send me emails thanking me for the articles and information on the website. It really does mean a lot to me. Keeping up with this is a whipping most of the time and when you take the time to say thanks it really does mean a lot and also helps me know when I am headed in the right direction with the articles and information.

I posted an article last Summer about how you could help me help you so if you have time take a look at that.  It’s a list of what you can do to help me grow this website and continue to share information. Here is basically what it says in a nutshell.

1. Comment on articles – If you have questions or like the information in an article, leave me a comment and let me know!

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Again I appreciate everyone’s help and participation more than I can explain. It seems like anymore no matter where I go someone stops me and thanks me or I run into someone who reads this site. if you see me out around town, hollar at me and say hello!


This month on Learn To Catch Catfish


Upgrading Abu Garcia C3 To C4 – A guest article that talks about upgrading an Abu Garcia from a C3 to a C4 model to improve performance.

Slip Cork Catfishing With Punch Baits – This was another video in the series with CJ’s Catfish Bait talking about slip corking for catfish and a look into the slip bobber rig and how to use it for fishing with punch baits for channel catfish.

Gizzard Shad – Species information on Gizzard Shad and some basics on this popular catfish bait.

Threadfin Shad – Species information on Threadfin Shad and some basics on this popular catfish bait.

How To Tell The Difference Between Gizzard and Threadfin Shad – A look at threadfin shad and gizzard shad and how to tell the difference between the two.

Blue Catfish Anglers #1 Tool – This was the second article in a series I have been working on called Blue Catfish 101 looking into some of the basics behind catching blue cats and dispelling some myths about them.

Happy 1st Catfishing Birthday – Just a brief announcement about the 1st birthday of Learn To Catch Catfish.

Drop Shot Rigging For Catfish – A look into drop shots rigs and how to use them for fishing for cats.

Catfishing Action On Just Go Fishn’ – This was the second podcast radio show I did with “Just Go Fishin” talking about wintertime fishing, spring fishing and a number of other topics.

Float Rigs For Catfishing – A look at the float rig and how it used.

Abu Garcia 6600BCX Review and Field Test – I got an Abu Garcia 6600BCX for a review and field test on and this is an in depth look into this fishing reel.

Bank Fishing For Catfish With Punch Bait – Another video in the series with CJ’s Bait Company talking about bank fishing with punch baits. There is some excellent information in this video whether you fish from the bank or fish from a boat, you can learn a lot from this one.

Choosing A Fishfinder For Catfish – This is a look into some of the features and options available on fish finders and some of the features to look for. My list of top picks for 2011 is coming up soon.

Storing Fishing Rods and Hooks Safely – Some tips and tricks on storing your fishing rods to keep them from getting tangled up and also keep someone from getting hooked.

Oklahoma Catfish – Top Catfishing Destinations In Oklahoma – Another video on the series with CJ’s where he talks about his top picks for catching catfish in Oklahoma.

Cleaning An Abu Garcia Fishing Reel – Step by step instructions on how to clean an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur fishing reel.

High Fin Blue Catfish – This was just a short blurb on “high fin blues” posted after an onslaught of questions about fishing for “high fin blues”.

Identifying Blue and Channel Catfish – Pretty self explanatory. How to tell the difference between a blue and channel catfish.

Adding A Bait Clicker To An Abu Garcia Reel – Step by step instructions on how to add a bait clicker or line alarm to an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur reel that does not already have one.


A look back at last year February 2010 and the Articles On Learn To Catch Catfish


These were among the first articles and videos I ever added to this website.


Parts Of  Cast A Net – Walks you through the different parts of a cast net to help you understand what they are and what the do (and also learn to throw a cast net).

Preparing A Cast Net – How to prepare a cast net for use. This really does make a difference.

Using Shad On Trotlines – This was a response to a question someone sent me about using shad on trotlines when fishing for flathead catfish.

Tips On Keeping Shad Alive – Some basic tips and tricks for keeping shad alive.

Trophy Blue Catfish Video – This is a video of some clients of North Texas Catfish Guide Service landing some big winter blue catfish.

Catfish Punch Bait – What Is It? – This is a look into punch baits and why they are so popular. Shows you what they are and where they get their name.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Cast Net – This is a basic guide on some options to consider and things to look for before buying your first cast net.

Dip Nets – A look at what to look for when purchasing a dip net.

Building a Homemade Bait Tank – Step by step instructions on how to build your own bait tank at home.

Spring Catfishing Videos From Tx Divas Show – This is some videos from the Divas in The Outdoors fishing show I filmed on spring fishing a number of years ago. There is some excellent tips and tricks in this video. If you have not already watched it, you need to do so.

Benefits Of Using a Cast Net – A look at some of the benefits of using a cast net versus other methods of catching bait.

What Is The Biggest Catfish Ever Caught In Texas – A look at “Splash” the Texas state record and former world record.

What Is The Biggest Catfish Ever Caught – A look into world record fish of each species.

Top 7 Tools Trophy Blue Catfish


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