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Catfishing Quick Tips [CQT]


Catfishing Quick Tips is a new video series I have started here at Learn To Catch Catfish.

Some Background

I started doing videos when I first started this site and it was something I had absolutely no experience doing. From the filming to editing I had absolutely zero experience. I borrowed a camera from someone, put my son to work as my camera man and start shooting videos. The video quality was horrible, the sound quality was even worse, and the editing was non existent, yet they still get an amazing number of views every month.  If you want to go back and check out some of those early videos you can watch the parts of a cast net video or the original slip sinker rig video or the catfish tackle box video. All of these videos provide some great information but the quality and overall feel of the videos is pretty horrible.

Since the introduction of the first catfishing videos we have racked up close to half a million views on Youtube.

A short while after I started producing the first videos I broke down and purchased a video camera and microphone and learned some very basic video editing skills. The quality and overall feel of the videos got much better but I still was not very pleased overall.

One of the results of the recent survey was that people love the Catfishing Radio podcast and they love the videos. There was a huge portion of the audience that didn’t have a preference for any of the formats but there was definitely a huge following for the videos and the podcast.

Recently I purchased a GoPro Hero camera and I have been playing around with that. I also purchased a video editing suite and finally sat down and taught myself how to do some video editing, and I think my videos have improved considerably of recent. I also have plans to purchase a second GoPro Hero here in the not too distant future. I have been working over the past six to eight months and have been shooting a lot of on the water action videos but the GoPro Hero will certainly help with that process and make the videos not only much easier to shoot but also a much higher quality.

I have also been working on a super secret stockpile of on the water action videos since March and have been stockpiling these for future release (I have basically been filming a year in advance).


Catfishing Quick Tips

So what’s with this Catfishing Quick Tips stuff?

I had a company contact me a few months back that started what is becoming a huge website. They have a lot of great things going on and are making a huge push in the fishing world. There has been a tremendous buzz surrounding this company and a lot of people in the industry are watching what they are doing very closely.

A few weeks back they reached out to me and asked me if I would start doing a weekly video for their website, just a short 2-3 minute video on something to do with catfishing (and some Texas fishing information) for the visitors to their site.

I agreed to do so with the understanding I could use the videos on Learn To Catch Catfish, and saw a huge opportunity to get some exposure because again, I think this website has a tremendous amount of potential.

With that, Catfishing Quick Tips was born.

This is the very first video in the Catfishing Quick Tips video series, which is an introduction to me and the series. Going forward there will be a weekly video these videos will cover everything from catfish tackle to catfishing techniques and everything in between.

Some of these videos will be new information that you have never seen before, some of them will be video summaries of past articles with additional or updated information and some will be remakes of past videos that were poor quality.

You may see some old articles that have previously been published to the website bump back up towards the top, because a video was added (or redone) and some of these will be associated with new articles and information, but they will all be a short 2-3 minute video on catfishing.


What Should You Do

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I Need Your Help!

Last but not least I need your help. I am trying to build a list of ideas for some short 2-3 minute videos. If you have an idea, have something you want to know that I have not covered yet (yea I know, I am just getting started really) or just anything at all that can be covered on video in 2-3 minutes, leave a comment below and let me know your ideas. It may take a while for me to get to them but I will make sure they get added to the list!

Ultimate List Catfishing Tips


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About Chad

Chad Ferguson is a professional catfish guide and founder of Learn To Catch Catfish. Click here to subscribe for more exclusive catfish fishing tips by email and then follow on Twitter or Google


  1. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Chad,

    GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!

    • This is going to be great Chad. The first video was high quality with picture and sound. Looking forward to more. By the way, used some of your techniques and had a productive day on the water jug fishing this week. Thanks.

  2. How about the basics of setting up your baitcasting reel when fishing. I know you’ve covered a lot of this in articles and podcasts, but thought it would make a nice quick video. (Setting drag/setting spool tension/how to setup when using the bait clicker/rigging and techniques to use with the bait clicker/rigging and techniques that don’t require using the bait clicker) I think you could probably make a couple videos just with some stuff like that. Also, maybe one about general cleaning and maintenance after fishing.

  3. Hello Chad,
    I really feel like you are on the right track. I’m looking forward to watching and learning from your video’s and quick tips!

  4. Chad, try and get some video of your “Secret Weapon” in action. Such as, the shy bites, when to strike, and other techniques for it now that you have a better video camera. Thanks.

  5. David Kent says:

    I think these type videos will be a great help to learn and to keep up with currant trends. My wife and I did very well this summer fishing for Channel Cats. We purchased both of your books and followed them. We are now attempting chase the blues. We’re headed to Lake O’ the Pines (Only lake within 50 miles that has enough water to launch a larger boat)this weekend. Hope to here / or see more on how to catch Blues on your site. Great Job keep it up.
    Thanks David

  6. chad, id like to see the after you catch the catfish, i smoke my catfish and thats the only way i eat them i has a special seasoning i liked and i smoke them and i have people requesting me to make some for them, so im curious whats your number one go to catfish eating recipe?

  7. Steve Lowrey says:

    Chad I would like to see in your new catfish quick tips videos about looking at the contours lines on lake maps to find the most likely spot to fish four catfish. Many like certain types of drop offs, slopes, areas in the river channels.

  8. One thing I think is appropriate for the winter season is to go over the Santee Cooper rig one more time with emphysis that one should experiment with the length of the rig (swivel to hook/bait) as well as the distance between the float and the hook/bait. I have found that there are “sweet spots” that work well at different depths, time of year and conditions. Additionally, your information on types of hooks to use is worth repeating as to are targeting trophy or eating size cats.

    Best regards,


  9. Chadm i would like to see short updated videos on gear. I could see that you have the Team Catfish rods on the picture plus you are wearing a Team Carfish cap and shirt. But you have on your tackle and gear link info on the Ugly Stik, I my self have both but lean to the Team catfish, I have two of the “thunder cats” and like them better that the Ugly Stiks. what is your opinion?? I would be nice if you start updating all the Gear and Tackle advise on short videos.

    Thanks for your great work!!!


  10. Chad,

    Good video for the intro piece. My friends and I fish almost exclusively for catfish here in PA. No blues here, but plenty of channels and a fast-growing population of flatheads in our part of the state (southcentral). What I would like to see/hear about is cold weather techniques. We fish a major hydro dam on the Susquehanna River that pretty much stays ice free all winter and also a bottom discharge from a large lake in the tailwaters area. We have given it a shot more than a couple times over the last several winters, but it seems when the water temps get below 50 degrees the fish get lockjaw.
    Any thoughts?
    As an aside, really like your site and have recommended it to all my buddies.




  12. We would like to no more about what to do when your rod is loaded with a circle hook. It took me a while to figuire out not to snatch the lips off the fish. And would like to no more about the bands and/or rubber worms to keep the bait from hooking its self.

  13. Thanks for the feedback guys, I appreciate it and will get these on my list!

  14. Good idea. Would like to see something on locating shad in the different seasons. Keep up the good work.Ready for the big blues this winter.

  15. Buddy Andrews says:

    You need to show people that you can put a catfish below your transducer and it will show up a different color than a fish with scales whether it’s a humming bird or a lowrance

  16. Buddy Andrews says:

    You need to show people that they can put a catfish under there transducer and it will show up a different color than a fish with scales weather it be a humming bird of a lowrance

  17. Chad;

    I feel you’ve got another #1 hit here. I enjoyed viewing your introduction video, and I’m looking forward to your weekly video’s on Catfishing Tip’s. I need all the help I can get lol.

    As mentioned above, I’d like to hear and view some of your favorite Catfish recipes. Hey, maybe you or your better half could compile the different recipes and submit them in an E-book. Yeah I know, more work for you. Just a thought.

    The best of luck on this new series. I know it will be a hit.


  18. I would like to know more about locating catfish.

  19. Knots! Do a knot per episode. While showing the tying of a knot you could talk about the pro’s and cons.

  20. I bought your ebook on the secret rig and made me up a dozen. Love them. I made one modification. I use the eye from a worm hook and this allows me to use a stop knot and turn it into a slip bobber rig. Boy is this thing sensitive. Limited out with it last Saturday have not missed hooking the fish with this setup. Thanks

  21. Thank for all the tips!!!!!. I like it.

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