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Intro To Learn To Catch Catfish and Catfishing Radio [CR EP 1]


Learn To Catch Catfish Catfishing Radio Podcast Logo Rounded 300_300This is the very first episode of Catfishing Radio from Learn To Catch Catfish. Catfishing Radio is our podcast radio show dedicated to the sport of fishing for catfish.

Because this is the very first episode of the Catfishing Radio podcast and I expect there will be a lot of people finding the podcast that have never visited Learn To Catch Catfish before, I spent a lot of time covering some of my background in fishing as well as why I started the Learn To Catch Catfish website as well as how I get started being a fishing guide, manufacturing catfish bait and everything else pertaining to my life involving fishing. That part of the show went on a little longer than I planned but it’s something that I only have to do once.

Since I started the site one thing I have struggled with is keeping up with the massive amounts of questions that get sent in each day and finding time to answer them all. In the Catfishing Radio podcast format I can cover a lot of topics in short amount of time and answer many of these questions that get submitted, because I can certainly talk much faster than I can type.

I had a lot of fun putting this together, much more than I thought I would and I am looking forward to doing future episodes of Catfishing Radio.

Once you get finished listening to the first episode, do me a favor and help me out by giving me some feedback. I am truly interested in what you think of the format of this, as well as any feedback on how I did with my first attempt at podcasting.

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In Episode 1 of Catfishing Radio:

  • Introduction to me (Chad Ferguson) host of Catfishing Radio and Learn To Catch Catfish founder.
  • My history fishing and fishing for catfish
  • How I got started as a catfish guide and founded North Texas Catfish Guide Service
  • How I accidentally fell into the catfish bait business manufacturing Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap
  • The history of Redneck’s Juglines
  • How me waking up at 3 in the morning one night led to the beginning of Learn To Catch Catfish
  • What my plans are for Catfishing Radio in the future
  • How you can call into Catfishing Radio in the future and get your questions answered
  • The web address that points directly to the podcasts section here on the website

Catfishing Questions and Answers Covered In Episode 1:

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About Chad

Chad Ferguson is a professional catfish guide and founder of Learn To Catch Catfish. Click here to subscribe for more exclusive catfish fishing tips by email and then follow on Twitter or Google


  1. Rusty Hathaway says:

    Just finished listening to your podcast, looking forward to listening to others in the future. I don’t know where you find the time to do all you do. I think I would need a couple of pots of coffee to keep up with you.

    Keep it coming,

  2. THUMBS UP !! Just spent the last hour listening to your pod-cast and was
    not disappointed. You might remember me because we mailed back and forth this morning on FB. I hope you didn’t think I was crawling in your a.. about keeping the females, however it is something I feel very strongly about.
    I fish with my son and his friends a lot and have tried to instill in them how important it is to preserve what fish we do have. Am looking forward to reading/hearing more about what the conservation experts have to say about the subject.

    I live in Lago Vista, Tx. and fish on Lake Travis at least twice a week in the shallows, however the water level has become so low that I have had to start looking at different places to fish. I am limited to the bank and have a hard time “finding” shallows near “deeper” water and am looking for a good topco map, can you suggest a good one?

    Thanks for all your efforts and hard work to help everyone learn to catch catfish.

    Kevin Gregg

    • No, I didn’t think that at all. I try to respect everyones opinion and be open to new ideas. Your comment gave me a lot of good ideas for future topics on the website.

      Glad you enjoyed the podcast. I am looking forward to doing more.

      There is a website that should work for you but I have to find the link. I will email it to you.

  3. great jod at your first radio broadcast. the volume and clearness were good. your outline helped alot with under standing what you were talking about so it would be nice if you made outlines for all your recodings. Overall it was good.

  4. Erik Phillips says:

    Love the show it was great. Great quality audio. Just an idea for the call in segment. I think it would be cool if you included a time for actual call ins during the recording. I dont know how complicated this would be but just an idea.

  5. Enjoyed the broadcast.It is another good tool.I have known for years that the fish will be where the bait is. But what clues should I look for to find the bait (shad) ? I do not have A battery in the boat let alone electronics. Also are live crawfish good catfish bait if so how do you hook them?

  6. Im downloading it now. I have been searching for podcast like this. I just wonder how I can subscribe without Itunes. I have been having good luck getting Juice to work but I really dont know what I am doing and do a lot of trial and error, lol. Usually there is a link I can copy and paste but I dont see one here. Cant wait to here the podcast! thanks

  7. Gary Burt says:

    Hey Chad,

    Are these going to be on Itunes so can put them on my IPhone?

    • Gary, Yes they are on iTunes. Go to the top of the page and click on Catfishing Radio and you will find a link to iTunes. While you are in iTunes be sure to leave us a star rating and a review!

  8. I just listen episode 1. This is great!
    My favorite subject.
    From Tulsa.

  9. the pod cast is a great idea and a great place for info, mainly because i kind of a begginer, great stuff dude

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