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The 15 Minute Rule [CR EP 20]


In this episode of Catfishing Radio I talk about the 15 minute rule for blue catfish and channel catfish.

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  • It’s hard to believe this is the 20th episode of the Catfishing Radio podcast

The Fifteen Minute Rule

One the show announcements and introductions are complete I head into the major focus of this weeks show, the fifteen minute rule.

I get questions from people all the time through the website and other online sources as well as from clients who come to fish with me wanting to know how long you should wait before moving when you are not getting bites and not putting catfish in the boat, which is where the fifteen minute rule comes in.

I came from an environment when I started fishing (years ago as a kid) where we would sit and wait for hours without any activity or catching fish and would never move or change things up and as I became more experienced and got more and more serious about catfishing I learned I was go about things all wrong.

There will be some that don’t agree with this thought process but I will tell you that every single one of the catfish guides and serious catfish anglers I know follows some variation of this rule. Some will sit slightly less and some will sit slightly longer than fifteen minutes but all of them are following some sort of short established timeline without activity or catching fish where they will move.

I am not talking about fishing for trophy class blue catfish. I am not talking about guys fishing catfish tournaments looking to put hefty stringers in the boat, and I am not talking about fishing for flathead catfish but rather putting shear numbers of blue catfish and channel catfish in the boat (quantity over size). Fishing for trophy flathead or trophy blue catfish is a different topic and I am not suggesting a similar approach when targeting big catfish!

If your targeting numbers of fish and are not targeting big fish then you need to be following some sort of rule for how long you sit in one area before moving and limit the time you are spending fishing unproductive waters.

I walk you through the process I follow when fishing for channel catfish with chum and prepared catfish baits like punch bait and dip baits using the Secret Channel Catfish Rig or catfishing for blue catfish using fresh caught threadfin shad, gizzard shad or cut bait using the catfishing techniques of your choice in this podcast.

Catfishing Radio Show Wrap Up

Finally I wrap up the show with some quick information on why I have not added a message forum to the website yet.  I get questions about this every single week and although it may be something we add in the future it’s just not something I am ready to do at this point. I talk a little bit about the reason behind this at the end of the Catfishing Radio podcast.

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  1. Can’t believe Catfish Radio has 20 episodes in the can already! I wonder how many fish CR has put in the boat or on the bank that wouldn’t have been caught otherwise? Thanks for another episode Chad. I’m gonna give this a listen on the way home from work in the morning….

  2. One of the best pod cast yet. Thanks Ronnie

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. Keep listening, there is more to come!

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