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Choosing Your Target Species and Catfishing Q&A [CR EP 3]


choosing target catfish species


Catfishing Radio Episode 3: Choosing Your Target Species, Catfishing With Planer Boards, Drift Fishing, Catching Channel Cats On Rod and Reel, Hooks For Jug Fishing, How To Make Catfish Bait

The primary focus of this podcast is choosing your target species of catfish.




Show Announcements

The show starts out with a few announcements:

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Choosing Your Target Catfish Species

After the announcements the show starts out with the top of choosing your target catfish species. I get questions each and every day from anglers who are wanting to increase their success of catching fish but fail to really think through what their goals are and which species of catfish they should target. Blue catfish, channel catfish and flathead catfish are all very different species, have different feeding habits and patterns and at times different preferred habitats.

I cover some of the basics on how to choose which species of catfish you should target based on what you want to accomplish, whether that be catching a whole bunch of fish, or catching trophy class fish, or in between. I also cover some simple ways to research and find out what the best way is to choose a water body based on your target species to make sure you are fishing in the best body of water based on what you want to accomplish.


Questions and Answers

After the segment on choosing your target species I covered some recent questions and answers submitted through the ask a question page.


Catfishing With Planer Boards – A question was submitted about catfishing with planer boards and whether or not that was a good catfishing technique.

I covered my take on the use of planer boards for catching catfish, why some people use them and why I have not used this technique as well as some detailed information on drift fishing and what I refer to as blind drifting and controlled drifting.

Products Mentioned In This Segment:

Planer Boards


Cannot Catch Catfish On Rod and Reel But Can Catch Them On Trotlines – Jeff submitted a question about fishing with trotlines and rod and reel fishing on the Pearl River. Jeff is catching some amazing numbers of channel catfish on trotlines using cut shad, crawfish and cut perch on the trotlines but cannot catch them on rod and reel. The “locals” also tell him that they cannot be caught on rod and reel.

I covered why I think he is having success catching catfish with the trotlines but not on rod and reel and what my process of elimination would be to figure out how to increase his success for rod and reel fishing.


Articles Mentioned In This Segment:

Keeping A Fishing Log




Losing Catfish When Jug Fishing – Howard submitted a question wanting to know what the best way to put hooks on juglines to keep fishing from off when jug fishing.

I covered how it is probably not the rigging (if he is following my instructions on rigging juglines) and that it probably has more to do with the hooks or length of time the juglines are being left in the water, then covering my preference for hooks on catfish jugs.

Articles Mentioned In This Segment:

Rigging Juglines

Jug Fishing Hooks

How To Make Catfish Juglines

Products Mentioned In This Segment:

Eagle Claw Model L197  Circle Hooks

Daiichi Circle Chunk Light Hooks


How To Make Catfish Bait “Sticky” – Dennis submitted a question about making his own catfish bait and keeping it on the hook, wanting to make it “sticky” so it will stay on the hook better and also submitted a question about Secret 7 Catfish Bait, wanting to know if it was any good or not.

I covered some basics behind making catfish bait and what some common ingredients are to make them “sticky” and to thicken them as well as one of the key mistakes I see people make when they start trying to make their own catfish baits. I also covered one of the few recipes for catfish bait that I know works (that is publicly available) and my limited knowledge about Secret 7 Catfish Bait.

Articles Mentioned In This Segment:

Bells of Hell Catfish Bait

Choosing Your Catfish Bait

Products Mentioned In This Segment

Secret 7 Catfish Bait


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  1. Kevin G says:

    Lots of good information, Thanks Again Chad.

  2. HAROLD JESSIE says:

    Appreaciated information of searching for nearby areas for large number of channel cats. i live in the desert of las vegas, and have been doin ok in the urban ponds. lake meade is nearby, but havent been too productive for me. plan to contact biologist, and take it from there thanks chad.

  3. another good recording. makes me wish we had blue cats in lakes in ohio.


    great radio show keep up the good work.

  5. I have really enjoyed these podcast’s, these were the first that I have ever listened to. I am learning things. It also gives me a chance to listen at work. The one thing that I don’t see is the date of the the show, it make me wonder when these were done.
    Have I missed the chance at winning a prize that you talk about?
    How dated are the questions that you answer?
    Where does Lake Ray Hubbard rate as a catfish lake.


    • Wayne, If you look on the post page for each episode you can see the date. The questions I have been answering are very dated. I have more questions than I have time. I received 30 yesterday alone. I do the best I can as fast as I can, but sometimes that means a LONG wait.

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