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catfishing radio

Catfishing Radio is the podcast radio show from Learn To Catch Catfish. Catfishing Radio is the first and only podcast radio show 100% dedicated to the sport of catfishing.

Chad Ferguson, founder of Learn To Catch Catfish and is the host of the Catfishing Radio podcast show.  Chad is a Texas based professional catfish guide who owns and operates North Texas Catfish Guide Service.

Catfishing Radio was started as an addition to the Learn To Catch Catfish website to provide yet another way for catfish anglers to learn more about fishing for catfish, and to be able to do so while on the go. Of course you can always listen sitting in front of your computer but one of the benefits of podcasts is the ability to listen from smart phones (like Blackberry and Android), iPods, iPhones and other MP3 players.

The first episode of Catfishing Radio aired April 11, 2011 and we will be added new episodes at a minimum of every two weeks going forward.

Below you will find an index of the Catfishing Radio episodes and a brief summary of the topics covered in each episide.

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Catfishing Radio Episode Guide

Episode 1 – Intro To Learn To Catch Catfish and Catfishing Radio

In episode 1 covers an introduction to Chad Ferguson the host of the show and founder of Learn To Catch Catfish. The show starts out with some background on why I started Learn To Catch Catfish and Catfishing Radio and then covers the history of North Texas Catfish Guide Service and Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap, and how I got into the catfishing business. Then topics are covered from questions that are submitted through the ask a question page. Questions covered are estimating weight from the length and girth of catfish, certifying scales for record catfish, chumming for channel catfish basics, braided fishing line, Eagle Mountain Lake catfish, rod holders and catching blue catfish with punch baits.

Episode 2 – Catfishing Q&A

In episode 2 we start out discussing Texas considering legalized catfish noodling and HB2189 and then move on to questions and answers. Topics covered in the question and answer section include chumming for catfish and baiting a hole, how long it takes for chum to work, how long to wait before you move, different types of chum (wheat, milo, cottonseed cakes, range cubes and more), picking a location to chum or bait a hole, rigging juglines for jug fishing and leader line and why it is used on many catfish rigs.

Episode 3 – Choosing Your Target Species and Catfishing Q&A

In episode we start with a few quick announcements about our new Facebook Page and some other minor changes to the website and then we move on to the main topic of the show. The primary focus of this show is choosing your target catfish species and how to increase your success. Some of the basics are covered on what to choose if you want to catch numbers of fish or catch big fish and then we go into some more details on how to pick the best locations based on your chosen target species. Next we move into some questions and answers covering catfishing with planer boards, what to do when you cannot catch catfish on rod and reel, jug fishing hooks and some information on making catfish bait.

Episode 4 – Choosing A Catfish Rod

This show is all about choosing a catfish rod. Catfish rods are a topic we have touched on briefly in the past but have not gone into any in depth information on them. We cover some of the basics to look and key features discussing everything from length of the handle, to line guides and everything in between. Then we go into some of the advantages and disadvantages of using graphite fishing rods instead of eglass like many traditional catfish fishing rods are made of. The advantage of using longer fishing rods is covered in depth and we also talk about something you need to really consider when using circle hooks because the rod can actually effect how well the circle hooks work. In depth details are covered on rods for channels, blues and flatheads and everything in between.

Episode 5 – Choosing A Catfish Reel

Following the show about choosing a catfish rod it only made sense to follow up with a show on choosing a catfish reel. This show takes an in depth look at the best reels for catfish and the features that you need in a good multipurpose fishing reel for catfish, and I talk about the reason I prefer Abu Garcia reels. I also take a look at some other reels for those who choose to fish exclusively for channel catfish or trophy class fish and everything in between. This is a must listen before you buy a fishing reel.

Episode 6 – Secret Catfish Rig, Summer Channel Catfish, Catfishing Q&A

The first half of Episode 6 covers two ebooks that will be released through Learn To Catch Catfish, the Secret Channel Catfish Rig and the Summer Channel Catfishing Techniques ebooks. There is some in depth information on why I am releasing these ebooks as well as what the two ebooks are about. After that I cover some Catfishing Q&A topics including some basics on how weather effects catfishing, fishing with a bare fishing hook, what type of reel to us a casting rod and some more tips and tricks.

Episode 7 – Catfish Line, Braid and Monofilament

In episode 8 of Catfishing Radio we talk about fishing line for catfish and take an in depth look at monfilament fishing line, braided fishing line and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Everything you need to know about fishing line for catfish including choosing choosing the right strength line, spooling reels with braid, the importance of using a backer and more.

Episode  8 – 143 Lb World Record Catfish Interview

World Record Blue Catfish Edition – In this episode, we talk about the 143 Lb world record blue catfish recently caught at Buggs Island Lake in Virginia. Nick Anderson is a high school football coach from Virginia that was out on a Fathers Day weekend catfishing trip with his brother and father and hooked into a 143 lb blue catfish that is a new Virginia state record and will become a new world record blue catfish after certified by the IGFA. Nick’s fish broke the previous 130 Lb world record catfish that was caught. Nick tells us all about his fishing trip and catching the world record as well as the events that occurred trying the get the fish weighed.

Episode 9 – Rapid Fire Catfishing Q&A

This is another of our very popular catfishing Q&A shows. Some of the Q&A topics covered include freezing shad and the “it”, preserved shad, jug fishing, choosing baits, hooking bluegill, sabiki rigs, shallow water anchors, turtles taking your bait, setting trotlines and more. This is a rapid fire format of questions and answers with 17 topics covered in one show.

Episode 10 – Catfish Tackle Basics

Catfishing Radio episode 10 is an in depth look at catfish tackle and the basics you need with a focus on weeding through all the useless clutter and making sure you don’t buy items you don’t need and also focusing on getting rid of tackle that is not needed. From catfish hooks to weights and everything in between I talk about preferred tackle items, why I use what I do. There is also an in depth look at re purposing tackle and using multiple items for multiple different purposes. If your a veteran angler or just getting started there is information in this show for you!

Episode 11 – Team Catfish, Interview With Jeff Williams

In this Catfishing Radio show we talk with Jeff Williams, owner of Team Catfish and discuss the Team Catfish tackle products and baits available through his company. Jeff Williams and the Team Catfish brand has emerged as one of the top catfish tackle companies in the industry over the past few years and offers a variety of products like Secret 7 and Sudden Impact Baits,  fishing rods, hooks and a variety of other terminal tackle products. Jeff Williams provides in depth information on his products and the history of his company in this interview with Catfishing Radio.

Episode 12 – Thermocline and It’s Effects On Fishing

In episode 12 of Catfishing Radio we look at thermoclines. Thermoclines develop in most lakes and reservoirs in the summer months and have dramatic effects on fishing. They are also very misunderstood and important to understand. If you don’t understand what a thermocline is and how they develop they can make or break your fishing trip by fishing in the wrong location. In this show we take an in depth look at what a thermocline is, how and why it develops and how you should adjust your fishing approach when a thermocline develops.

Episode 13 – More On Thermocline and Catfishing Q&A

Episode 13 goes back and covers some more details and answers some questions on thermocline that came up after episode 12 including information on locating the thermocline with a fishfinder, the challenges of color fishfinders over black and white, that “magic depth” for locating thermocline, why you should focus less on finding that line and more on actually finding fish and more. After the thermocline information we cover some details on rod holders, making blood bait for channel catfish, trotlines, jug fishing for catfish, drift fishing and more.

Episode 14 – Catfish Hooks

Episode 14 is all about catfish hooks. From treble hooks for fishing for channel catfish with punch baits and dip baits to circle hooks for fishing for blue catfish and flatheads this show is a run down on the best hooks for catfishing, and why. The hook is a critical link between just fishing and actually putting fish in the boat and can make or break your success. Whether your after small 1-10 lb channels or chasing after the biggest trophy class blues there are in the water you will have a good solid foundation after listing to this show!

Episode 15 – Catfishing Tips, Tricks and Questions

In this show we cover some catfishing Q&A from the listeners including information on catfish baits, deep water catfish, setting drag, catching shad, cut bait, storing leaders, night fishing and a variety of other information to help you catch more fish!

Episode 16 – Lake Turnover

In this episode of Catfishing Radio from we take a look at lake turnover and how it affects catfishing (or all fishing in general). This is a follow up to our thermocline show we released a few months back and in this episode we will cover what happens when the thermocline goes away. Chad covers how to tell when lake turnover is taking place, how to tell when the lake is turning over, how long it will last and how this impacts your fishing.

Episode 17 – Catfishing Q&A

In this show we go back to our popular catfishing questions and answers format answering questions submitted by readers and listeners. In this show we discuss the American Angler Ultra MT3 electric fillet knife, summer channel catfish, catfishing in rivers, Ugly Stik Tiger Rods, how to clean a catfish in 15 seconds, fish cleaning stations and more!

Episode 18 – Catfish Hooks and Tackle with TJ Stallings

This show is a guest interview with TJ Stallings of TTI Blakemore lure company discussing catfish hooks. In this show we discuss chemically sharpened hooks, sizing of circle hooks, red fishing line and reed hooks and the “feeding response” and more on circle hooks with this market leader in the tackle industry.

Episode 19 – Catfishing With Circle Hooks

This show starts out with an introduction to a new ebook and training course being released on a fall and winter catfishing technique and then leads into some discussions on catfishing with circle hooks with Jeff Williams from Team Catfish tackle. Jeff and I discuss the proper way of using circle hooks and the different methods for getting fish in the boat when using these hooks.

Episode 20 – The Fifteen Minute Rule

This show is all about my fifteen minute rule. I see people pull in to an area to fish and sit for hours or even all day and not move when they are not having any activity. This show covers some of what you can expect and how long you should sit and wait before moving from one area to another when you are not catching fish. This is an essential show!

Episode 21 – Will Hooks Rust Out of Deep Hooked Fish

This is the end of the first season of Catfishing Radio and the last show to be released until February 2012. In this episode we talk about deep hooked fish and what happens. It’s a common misunderstanding that if you gut hook a fish the hook will just rust and fall out but that is rarely the case. This is a short show that discusses some of the science behind this, what to do if you hook a fish in the gut and more!

Episode 22 – The Reason It Is Called Fishing and Not Catching

In this weeks show we discuss fishing vs catching and how there are always going to be good and bad days when it comes to fishing regardless of which species of fish you target.

Episode 23 – Bill Dance and Big River Catfish

America’s favorite fisherman Bill Dance comes on the Catfishing Radio podcast and talks big river catfish and catfishing in giant rivers like the Mississippi River and the Tennessee River. Bill Dance shares some of his tips, tricks and techniques for catching catfish.

Episode 24 – Four Common Catfishing Mistakes

This week’s episode of Catfishing Radio discusses common catfishing mistakes anglers often make and what you should be doing in these instances. This show is geared around upping your game and putting more fish in your boat or in your cooler. We discuss everything from fishing history, solely fishing cover and more!

Episode 25 – Bank Fishing For Catfish Tips

This weeks show we discuss bank fishing for catfish or “shore fishing” (fishing without a boat) and some of the common mistakes anglers make and what to do to overcome them. We also discuss some common inexpensive ways to get off the shore and on the water.

Episode 26 – Sonar, Down Imaging and Side Imaging

In this show I discuss different sonar technologies including different broadband sonar, side imaging and down imaging and the pros and cons of each technology. There is a trend of anglers feeling they need to invest in new technology and not making informed decisions, so they end up wasting money. I break down each different technology, what it can do for you and where your money is best spent when it comes to these technologies.

Episode 27 – Catfish Conservation, Central Texas Top Catfish Lakes, Texas Catfish Noodling and More

John Tibbs, Fisheries Biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife joins the show and we discuss the catfish slot limit that is in place on several Texas lakes, conservation of trophy catfish, some of the best places in Central Texas to fish for catfish of all species, pigment mutations in catfish and a variety of other topics.

Episode 28 – Red River Trophy Channel Catfish with Brad Durick

Captain Brad Durick is a catfish guide on the Red River of the North based out of Grand Forks ND and catches monster channel catfish on the river. In this show we talk trophy channel catfish with Brad and some of the catfishing tips, tricks and techniques for catching big channel catfish on big rivers.

Episode 29 – River Channel Catfish and Team Catfish Updates

Jeff Williams from Team Catfish joins us again and we talk channel catfish on small to medium sized rivers. Jeff shares a wealth of information on how to locate and catch channel catfish on these bodies of water and provides updates on some new products including the new iCat fishing rods.

Episode 30 – Big Rivers, Big Catfish, Big Tournament Wins

Brothers Daryl and Jason Masingale join us for this show. The two brothers based out of Paragould Arkansas are burning up the tournament circuit across the country with huge wins and definitely know a few things about catching big catfish. We talk strategy on locating big catfish, lakes vs’ rivers, tournament strategy and more in this show!

Episode 31 – Show Me Catfishing With Ryan Casey

Ryan Casey is a catfish guide in Missouri who targets blue catfish. In this episode of Catfishing Radio we talk with Ryan Casey about some of his techniques he uses for locating and catching big blue catfish, some of the top bodies of water in Missouri, catfish baits and more!

Episode 32 – Hot Summer Catfish, Day Vs Night

There are a lot of myths about catfishing and many people believe you have to fish at night to catch fish and it couldn’t be further from the truth. In this show we talk about fishing at night and during the day, which is better and what you should consider when fishing in the summer heat!

Episode 33 – Catfishing Q&A

Another one of our popular Q&A shows where we answer your questions about fishing for catfish.

Episode 34 – Ohio River Catfish with Captain Paul Willett

Episode 35 – Kayak Fishing 101 with Shane Davies

Episode 36 – Flathead Catfish with Robby Robinson

Episode 37 – Finding Catfish In Transition Periods

Episode 38 – Six Catfish Fishing Secrets From a Shore Angler