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CJ’s Catfish Bait – Punch Bait

CJs Catfish Punch Bait

CJ’s Catfish Bait is an Oklahoma based catfish bait manufacturer that manufactures several different kinds of catfish punch baits and a dip bait for catfishing. CJ’s is a family run business that is owned and operated by some die hard fishermen.

I first met Charles of CJ’s Catfish Bait in Fort Worth Texas at Olsen’s Pro Am Fishing Shop when I was there dropping off a big load of Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap.  The owner of Olsen’s introduced us and Charles and I spent a bit of time talking catfishing, hanging around the tackle counter there. I talked to Charles a lot that day about his catfish punch bait and some of his other products and we talked a lot about our different fishing styles and techniques.

While talking to Charles he was throwing out rapid fire questions about some of my recent guided catfish trips and I could see as I was answering and we were talking that Charles was a professor of “catfishology” like myself by the questions he was asking. As soon as I got the opportunity to “return fire” I started asking him questions and learned quickly that he spends a lot of time fishing from the bank (aka bank fishing or shore fishing) and is also highly successful in doing so using his CJ’s Catfish Bait.

Fast forward to January of 2011 and I was looking at some paperwork from a local tackle show and saw his name on the list of exhibitors for the show that weekend, and my wheels got to turning about spending some time with Charles talking about his baits, bank fishing, catfishing, and whatever else we could come up with. I reached out to Charles a couple of days later and met him over at this tackle show the next weekend where we filmed about 30 minutes of catfishing videos covering a pretty wide variety of subjects.

This is not a seminar that has been filmed or a scripted video but Charles and I shooting from the hip talking catfish.

This is the first video in the series that talks about CJ’s Catfish Bait, the different types of catfish punch baits that he manufactures as well as some of the other products he manufactures.

In the rest of the series we cover:

  • Rigging for fishing with CJ’s Catfish Punch Bait and other catfish rigs
  • A special setup we have in common that is highly effective and produces fish
  • What to look for when bank fishing for catfish
  • How long  to sit in one spot before you change locations
  • Some of the top catfish lakes in Oklahoma
  • What “sweet Charlie” is and how it got that name …. and MORE

Charles also let’s me in on a little secret in this first video that has something to do with a MONSTER.

Watch the first video in the series and let me know what you think in the comments section below and if you have questions about ANYTHING that is covered just post them below. Be sure to click the like button and also make sure you are SUBSCRIBED so you get notification when we add the rest of the videos so you can learn all of these great catfishing tips and tricks.

Once you are done, check them out online at the CJ’s Catfish Bait website

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  1. This is a great video! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest. The last time I went out, I picked up the wrong tub and got dip bait instead of punch. I had no luck with it, but in the video CJ said something about rebaiting with dip bait every 10 – 15 minutes; is that on all dip bait? Also, I thought I had seen somethign on your website about adding cattails to dip bait to thicken it, would that make the bait hang around longer? I’m gonna head to CJ’s website later. Thanks for sharing the video!

    • Larry dip bait by design is very thin and breaks down in the water quickly so yes you should rebait every 10-15 minutes with all dip baits, and punch baits also. I am going to work on some articles covering some of this one of these days but for now read “Catfish Punch Bait 101″ and that will give you some good insights into this.

  2. i like how in the video how he says that actual bait fish are used in his baits. My thought is why is his bait better that using the actual bait like shad or bluegills? I went to the website and noticed his bobber. It looks like something to launch roman candles from wile fishing.

    • If you are fishing for channel catfish “stink baits” or prepared baits are the “cats meow” and pretty hard to beat and most believe that the addition of bait fish adds to their effectiveness. If you are fishing for blue catfish or flathead catfish then there is no doubt that using the “real deal” is going to be more effective.


    looking forward to next video

  4. sam wilkes says:

    MORE…..MORE…. MORE….

    cant wait for the rest

    • There is more coming, I just have to finish editing the video and getting some more information together. The next three videos are MUCH better than this one!

  5. Tantalizing. Anxious to see more on bank fishing! Looking forward to trying punch bait/techniques this coming year. May even try a baitcaster!

  6. After discovering your site a couple of months ago, I quickly worked my way through all your archives and now enjoy each new post. I have learned a lot and look forward to trying a lot of new things this year. I don’t have a boat, so I’ll be glad to see more from you with Charles on the topic of bank/shore fishing. Catching channel cats from both moving and still waters locally is a favorite activity in this household (yes, my wife almost always fishes with me), but I have yet to catch my first blue or flathead. For these 2 species I would have to either bank fish the Ohio River or it’s tributaries or take up pay-lake fishing. I believe what I’m learning from your site is going to help way up here in S.E. Indiana once it thaws a little. Thanks Chad

  7. I might be a complete idiot, but where the hell can I find this CJ’s Punch Bait? I don’t see a place to order on the page.

  8. I know cj personally. Awesome bait. Caught lots of cats with it. Awesome videos. Appreciate you sharing you knowledge. Great web site too.

  9. On my way to Cedar Creek Lake using CJ’s Monster Punch Bait. I’ll let y’all know how it works out. wish me luck.

  10. I used some CJs Punch bait this weekend at Lake LBJ Texas and caught the biggest freshwater catfish I have caught to date. It was a 4 pounder channel cat from shore (I know they can get much bigger but a personal best for me) using a similar rig to what was shown in these vids. Thanks!

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