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Danny Kings Catfish Punch Bait

Danny Kings Catfish Punch Bait

I recently purchased some Danny King’s Catfish Punch Bait at Wal Mart and am going to do some catfishing. Can you give me any information on this product? Have you ever used it for catfish fishing?

Shannon Jones – Mena Arkansas


Danny King’s Catfish Bait is a punch bait for catfish. It was manufactured in Kingston Oklahoma but the company has now relocated to Celina Texas.

Punch bait is a form of catfish bait that is traditionally made from a cheese base. Some people might called these “stink baits” but the truth is while they are indeed quite smelly they are not smelly to catfish and the strong pungent odor is what attracts them. These types of baits generally have a thickening agent (most often cattails) and some added ingredients like shad or other bait fish. These baits get their name from the process that is used to bait the hook. A plain treble hook is “punched” into the substance to load it with the bait, hence the name “punch bait”.

During the late 1990’s and through about 2006 (if memory serves me correctly), Danny King’s catfish bait was everywhere through the south and you really couldn’t go anywhere or talk to anyone about fishing for catfish without hearing about Danny King’s Catfish Bait.

Danny King was heavily involved in the (now defunct) American Catfish Anglers Tournament Series (ACATS) promotion as well as promotion of his products. You couldn’t go to any tackle shop, fishing show or anywhere else where you wouldn’t find him or his products.

The bait is manufactured in it’s original formula and also in a blood flavor and a garlic flavor. It has traditionally been sold in pints, quarts and gallons.

The bait started being sold in Wal Mart a number of years ago, and King also sold the company to someone else as well.

Since he sold the company, a number of people have told me the product not being what it used to be. Many anglers have told me that the product is not as effective and that the product appears to change from container to container. I don’t have any first hand knowledge of this so I can’t really give you any credible information from my perspective.

“Back in the day” it was no doubt the most popular catfish punch bait in the South, but of recent I rarely hear or see anyone fishing for catfish with Danny King’s Bait any more.

I have heard rumors within the last year or so that King was involved with the business again and was trying to “turn it around” and get the product back to the quality product that it used to be. This is only rumors that I have heard though and I don’t have any first hand knowledge of this.

There are a lot of great catfish baits on the market, and some not so good ones as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to give the product a try and see if you can catch some catfish with it. I have not personally fished with it in probably eight or ten years so I cannot attest to the quality of the product (or lack of) within recent years.

These style baits are excellent for targeting channel catfish. While it is possible to catch an occasional blue catfish with them as a general rule they are most effective for targeting channel catfish. I will go into detail at some point about using prepared baits for targeting blue catfish but that is going to be a lengthy subject.

To fish with this bait I would use a slip bobber rig or a slip sinker rig. Be sure to read the articles below because they will offer you some good insights into some catfishing techniques to use when fishing with these types of products. If you read all of these Learn To Catch Catfish articles below you should be pretty dangerous with the fish next time you hit the water.


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  1. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Chad,
    Really good article.. Most times a good product is bought out for the
    name recognition and then the quality goes downhill fast!!! After the
    product does not hold up the finances are put into buying out another really good name brand and ruining it…

  2. Jerry Doyle England says:

    As a long time user of, what was once, the BEST catfish bait ever made I am deeply saddened by the change, what ever it was, to the recipe I not only used only Danny King Blood Punch bait, but was a staunt supporter to spread the success stories of limit catches of true channel ( swift water ) catfish….as my old Grand Pappy once said…” I sure wish things were like they used to be “…. sorry Danny boy!!!!

  3. jonathan says:

    I still use it and will say this,I have the original,the blood,and the garlic. Had to buy a new batch of garlic this month after running out finally of last years. It is sooooo much better that I’ve run thru 3 pints while I was home this weekend running 4 rods. Somethings changed for sure. Its much more odorous then last year so I hope there is a good change happening

  4. Regarding Danny kings catfish bait. I have used it and had mediocre at best results. This is the bait that Danny king is helping to make now. I have come across a bait that is almost unknown. In some tournaments it has beat Danny kings everytime. It is called catfish gold

  5. it work good i catch big catfish off of it the biggest one i got now is 89lb blue catfish of the Danny king original

  6. As I’m running low on my favorite punch bait (Sure Shot), I decided to employ some Danny King’s I had laying around yesterday and, to my surprise, it worked very well! Maybe things are turning around, however, I did notice yesterday that Academy has it on clearance (50% off) now. No telling whether or not they’re planning on restocking. I’m thinking I’m gonna go grab the last of it this morning since it did work well for me yesterday!

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