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The Dropper Loop: How To Tie It and When To Use It


The dropper loop is a handy knot that is used to form a loop which stands out from the fishing line. The dropper loop can be used to form a leader in many catfish rigs like the drop shot rig and modified three way rigs. By tying a dropper loop you form a leader that stands out at a ninety degree angle.

When To Use The Dropper Loop

Anytime you want to have a leader standing off of the line at a 90 degree angle. Common uses are the drop shot rig and the modified three way rig. You can even use the dropper loop for rigging juglines for jug fishing.

How To Tie The Dropper Loop

Form a loop in the line.

Pull one side of the loop down and begin taking turns with it around the standing line. Keep point where turns are made open so turns gather equally on each side.

After eight turns, reach through center opening and pull remaining loop through. Keep finger in this loop so it will not spring back.

Hold loop with teeth and pull both ends of line, making turns gather on either side of loop.

Set knot by pulling lines as tightly as possible. Tightening coils will make loop stand out perpendicular
to line.

How To Attach A Hook To A Dropper Loop

Attaching the hook to the dropper loop is a simple process but often confuses anglers who are using the dropper loop for the first time.

When you attach the hoop you are not actually tying a knot on the hook but rather just slipping the dropper loop over the hook to secure it. It might not seem like a secure way of attaching the hook but it is virtually impossible for the hook to come loose.

  1. Insert the loop through the eye of your preferred catfish hook
  2. Pull the loop over the hook point and down so the loop is running through the eye and under the hook.

Hold the dropper loop in one hand and the hook in the other. Slowly pull on the hook until the dropper loop is tight and the hook is secure.

attach hook dropper loop


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  4. Great Knot – Should the hook be inserted thru the inside of the circle hook or from outside in… I have always started from the inside on my trotline drops?

  5. Can you tie onto your dropper loop with a piece of mono to extend your leader and what knot would you use?

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