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Fall and Winter Catfishing [CQT]



Fall and Winter are two of my favorite times of the year for catfishing, and it still to this day amazes me how many anglers put away their gear and stop fishing when it gets cooler and the seasons start to change. People ask me constantly what is the best time of the year to catch catfish and Fall and Winter are always on that list.

There are a lot of anglers that turn their focus hunting during this time of the year and some cannot fish because the cold weather creates ice out conditions. There are large groups of anglers that stop fishing simply because it is cold, or they don’t know that fishing remains good through the Fall and Winter.

Both seasons are excellent times of the year for catching both blue catfish and channel catfish. You can catch both species of fish in both excellent numbers but in many areas the coolest months of the year are also the easiest time of the year to pattern trophy class blue catfish.  Flathead catfish get into a heavy feeding pattern in the early fall and can be caught in good numbers, but in most areas the flathead catfish bite will get considerably slower during the latter part of the cooler months.

The biggest downside is, well it is cold, but this can be easily overcome. If you dress accordingly and have the right gear staying warm and dry is easy. I use a Bass Pro Shops 100MPH rain suit but there are a variety of options out there for making sure you are comfortable.

The fishing is great but another huge advantage is that you often times have the lake (and the boat ramp) to yourself and it is incredibly peaceful.

This is the next video in the series of Catfishing Quick Tip videos. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to check out the Catfishing Quick Tips introduction and make sure you stay tuned for more videos in this series, we have a lot of GREAT stuff in the works covering everything from catfish baits to rods reels and tackles down to the tips, tricks and catfishing techniques to help improve your success on the water.

if you want more in depth information on catfishing make sure to check out the Catfishing Radio podcast.

Until the next video is released, make sure to give fishing for catfish in the Fall and Winter some careful consideration because you never know what you might catch, check out our winter flathead catfish video for a great example of this!

If you would like a simple to follow step by step guide for one of many techniques that are very effective for catching Fall catfish click here to check out the Splat Fishing program from Learn To Catch Catfish.



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  1. Enjoy the website.Always looking to improve and try something different. Looks like Team Catfish rods in your boat. Keep up the hard work.

  2. Pat Karcher says:

    Hi chad I just found your web site and i like it. I am fishing for cats on a tilde creek this April in NJ. What area should I look for i e deep holes or wood. I thank you for any help you can give me Pat

  3. david sides says:

    love u man. whats the best way to rig your pole for channel catfish in the fall. do I fish at night or during the day. I fish in lake Bastrop tx I catch lots of fresh chad. its a power plant lake. so I like fishing the discharge area. the mouth of it where it runs in to the main body of water. theres yellow cat in there but u don’t here folks catching them. I cot one so far off of 5 live shad I hook them in the eyes to stay alive.

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