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Winter Flathead Catfish Video

Flathead CatfishFlathead Catfish Video In Winter -

Over the years I have count countless trophy blues on my own and with clients in the winter months but three one winter Flathead catfish. I was talking to a guy today on the phone that is a die hard flathead catfish angler and spends countless hours chasing after these big fish. Through our conversation he mentioned this video, so I decided I would post it here.

I was with some clients fishing for trophy blues  and we latched on to this fish. I could tell immediately that it wasn’t a blue cat by the way it was fighting, and was very surprised when this monster flathead catfish surfaced. This is one of I think three flathead catfish I have caught in the dead of winter. This day was particularly miserably, but this one sure warmed everyone up quickly.

Some folks say they will never bite anything but live bait but all three winter flatheads I have caught have been on cut bait.

I had not posted any videos in a few days so while I was thinking about it I wanted to throw up this video!

The has a watermark on it with my guide service website and phone number. I couldn’t find the original unedited video so I had to use this one. If you want to call me don’t call the phone number that is on the video because it is not my phone number any longer due to an AT&T screwup and the woman who has it now is pretty irritated with all the phone calls she gets about fishing trips and bait.

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