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Hen Scratch and Soured Corn

Is the hen scratch catfish chum you use the same thing as scratch grains? That’s what they call it around here.

I don’t actually use hen scratch as chum, I prefer to use soured wheat¬† or even soured milo over hen scratch. I am not sure whether or not it is the same thing as scratch grains or not.¬†Make sure you read the articles about soured wheat and milo and range cubes

Hen scratch is a combination of corn, milo, wheat and often times additional ingredients and is used for feeding chickens, so it probably is the same thing as scratch grains. Just double check to see if the scratch grains have the same ingredients if you decide you want to try using it.

I don’t recommend chumming with corn. While it will rot and ferment when soaked in water it is not nearly as effective as soured wheat or milo. I would use wheat or milo or range cubes long before I ever restored to corn.

When chumming for catfish the whole process is just to help draw them in and get them concentrated in an area and moving around looking for food. When you use corn, by design you are going to fill their stomachs up very quickly because it is so large in size. Because of this they will get their stomachs full and will stop feeding or stop looking for food. Ultimately this will effect the number of fish that you catch.

In addition to it being much larger in size than wheat or milo, it is also known to attract carp. It is even a popular ingredient in carp boilies, and carp fishermen are also know to chum with cans of it. Some even fish with kernels as bait.

Drawing carp into an area can effect the catfish. Some anglers even claim that when significant numbers of carp come into an area and start feeding that it can cause the cats to move out of the area.

A number of years ago I got a bunch free from the grain silos that was waste laying around and made some chum with it just to experiment and I can definitely say that it was nowhere near as effective as wheat or milo. I didn’t notice any issues with carp in the areas I was fishing but I did notice I was catching a lot fewer cats and when I did catch them their bellies were stuffed full it.

I would suggest you watch our video about how to make soured wheat and again don’t suggest at all that you use corn.

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