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High Fin Blue Catfish


Chad, you’ve written a lot about blue catfish but have not said much about high fin blue catfish, why haven’t you shared any information on them?

I received several variations of this email through the catfishing questions page over the past few months and while I was getting started on catfishing for blue catfish 101 wanted to address this so I can (hopefully) put this to rest once and for all.

The term “high fin blue catfish” is nothing but legend or a slang term for the Blue Catfish, Ictalurus Furcatus.

While many people often encounter anglers that refer to “high fin blue catfish” and will argue until the sun goes down that there are two different species of blue catfish this is absolutely incorrect. There is only one species of blue catfish and that is as described above.

Many anglers will argue that the “high fin” is a different fish and this “species” of blues has a higher dorsal (back) fin that the traditional blue catfish, and I have even heard some arguments over the years that they even have slightly different feeding habits and a more ferocious strike. FALSE

While you may be able to line up fifteen different blues from the same body of water and identify one or two or even more that have a larger dorsal fin or even other distinguishing factors that vary slightly this is no different than lining up fifteen people and having different sized body parts and slight variations of skin tone.


This is pretty common in the catfishing world and through confusion and slang terms anglers just get confused and take what others have told them as gospel. With the wealth of bad catfishing information floating around out there it’s not surprising. This is very similar to the “flathead catfish” arguments and you will occasionally hear arguments that a flathead catfish is different than a yellow catfish and again even hear arguments about different habits and feeding preferences.

To learn more about the three main species of catfish targeting for “sport” fishing by anglers you can check out the catfish species section.

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  1. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Chad,
    Well said.. If people would take time to do a little research about what they are interested in doing instead of just popping off they would be better informed.. Thank you, for addressing these issues and maybe informing and eddicating some folks who just want to argue!!!

    How tall is ‘Catfish Charles’???

    Keep on, Shorty!!!!

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