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How To Repair A Cast Net

repair cast net


Knowing how to repair a cast net will save you a lot of time and money if you are going to start using cast nets to catch bait. I recently covered how to free a cast net if you get hung up on underwater obstructions to (hopefully) minimize the damage that is done. Unfortunately though if you start catching your own shad on a frequent basis that you are just going to damage and destroy some from time to time. To many, this is sort of a “rite of passage” to learning how to throw a cast net.

It is also always a good idea to keep extras around in the event that you do some damage that renders your cast net unusable and don’t have enough bait to go catfishing.

In the event that you do damage a net there are often times that you can make some minor cast net repairs to get it back in service. It won’t always perform as well as it did prior to the damage and will often times be a little more difficult to throw but can still be usable in most instances. There will be times where you will hang up and will pull up a mangled up mess that cannot be repaired but I find that this is seldom the case and I will often times complete repairs several times before I finally send it off to the catfishing graveyard, especially if it is one of the more expensive models.

This was a difficult project to photograph and video so I had to do the best I could to make it work. You can’t see up close in the video but I walk you step by step through the process of how to repair a cast net, including.

  • Some of the more common damages to occur when you get hung up
  • How to easily repair a braille line
  • How to easily repair the lead line
  • How to easily repair torn mesh netting

If your not sure what the terms above are or mean then be sure to check out parts of a cast net.

To make these repairs I like to use CLEAR Offshore Angler Tight Line in 12 lb test. It is soft and pliable enough to tie but still holds well enough to make the repairs and hold for an extended period of time.

**There is a slight audio issue in a couple of places with the video. I didn’t realize it until after I uploaded it. You can still make out what is going on. Again, still trying to get the hang of this video stuff.

Watch the video below and I’ll walk you step by step through the process to make these repairs using some the fishing line and some simple square knots.

Catching shad is an essential part of targeting blue catfish. Not only is fresh shad one of the best baits for blue catfish but learning to pattern shad will do wonders for you in your quest to catch blue catfish.

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  1. this is some good tips on repairing a net. i have made a few repairs to my nets mostly just replacing braille lines once i have unhung a net. Do you catch shad in the marina where you fish? that is were i catch bait in the summer.

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