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Kahle Hook

Kahle Hook

Kahle Hook For Catfish

I read in one of your articles where you mentioned these hooks. Can you tell me what a these are and how they are used?

A kahle hook is a very common catfish hook. I have been personally using these for a very long time and have caught more fish on kahle hooks than I could possible count. They are also commonly called wide gap bait hooks.

They (as you can see in this photo) look kind of like a traditional J-hook that got out of whack somewhere. Some of the more popular models of the kahle hook are the Eagle Claw L41BP, L142, L44SS and the Mustad 371260R. The L141BP, L142 and L144 are all essentially the very same product they just have a different finish. The BP stands for black pearl, the L142 is a nickel finish and the SS stands for stainless steel. The Mustad 37120R is a red finish.

Of all of these hooks the Eagle Claw L142 is probably the most readily available and most widely used of all these different hooks.

These hooks are popular for catfishing for a number of reasons but first and foremost is that many anglers prefer cut bait or dead shad and the wide gap of a kahle allows for plenty of room for the bait. Filling a hook gap up too much with bait renders many hooks ineffective, or at least lessens their effectiveness. This is true of filling the gap of a circle with too much cut bait as well.

These are also very popular because catfish have such thick mouths (unlike most scale fish) and the wide gap of the kahle allows it to function around the thick, tough mouths and lips. In addition, they will often function like a circle where it will turn and hook the fish in the corner of the mouth.

Many people prefer these hooks over circle hooks but circle hooks have beenĀ  gaining more and more popularity throughout recent years, especially for trophy blue catfish.

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