The Secret Channel Catfish Rig

The Most Effective Channel Catfish Rig EVER!

If you have spent any time at all fishing for channel catfish you know they can be finicky to catch at times. It’s not uncommon to miss fish one after another because of this ultra light bite that these fish often have. Even the bigger channel catfish will often “mouth” and “peck” at baits and not reacting quickly enough will cause you to miss fish.

If you are missing fish or want to increase the number of channel catfish you catch, the secret channel catfish rig is for you.

Stop Missing Fish and Instantly Increase Your Catch Rate With This Simple Piece Of Tackle
secret channel catfish rig catfish

Channel catfish caught in 3 hours using the secret catfish rig!

No More Missed Fish

The secret catfish rig is more effective catching channel catfish than anything you can buy in stores or order online. It is also incredibly simple to make and cost pennies to make as well!

When you are fishing for channel catfish, once you miss that first bite, you have often lost your chance at landing that fish, but your probably already know that.

Channel catfish have tendency to “shy away” when they meet resistance and they rarely will come back to check your bait out again.

You need to know exactly when they are biting, exactly when there is any activity near your bait and exactly when to set the hook each and every time.

What most people do when they start missing these fish is either get frustrated, which makes matters worse, or they blame it on the hooks or catfish baits they are using.

Neither one of these are going to solve your problems when you are missing channel catfish.

Finally, the last resort when people are missing channel catfish is they blame it on the fish, assuming that because the bites are so subtle and so light, they must be “small fish” that they don’t even have an interest in catching. The truth is that even big channel catfish often have a very light bite, and you cannot blame your missed fish on the size of the fish. Chances are you are missing some big catfish!

If you have ever been fishing for channel catfish and gotten bites, but not landed the vast majority of those fish, you owe it to yourself to keep reading.

I Used To Miss Channel Catfish Also, Until I Found The Secret Channel Catfish Rig..


The Secret Catfish Rig Changed My Fishing

Before I go much further I want to tell you a little about myself. My name is Chad Ferguson and I am professional catfish guide in Texas. I own and operate North Texas Catfish Guide Service and and also run the Learn To Catch Catfish website.

I have been catfishing for over 30 years and have over 10 years experience as a pro catfish guide.

The Author, Chad Ferguson

I make my living putting fish in the boat and people rely on me to be able to find and catch fish.

I want you to understand up front that this is a real solution to a real problem. It is simple and effective and will instantly increase the number of catfish you catch, by lowering the number of missed strikes and increasing your catch ratios. It’s a real world solution that I depend on as a professional catfish guide, not some fly by night gimmick that doesn’t work.

I used to be a lot like you. I would miss fish and it took me years to develop the skills that I needed to catch channel catfish each and every time they would bite. Over the years I developed a finely honed skill for targeting channel catfish. I was very skilled at detecting this ultra light bite but still missed some fish now and then, and then I found the Secret Catfish Rig.

As a professional catfish guide, I spend a lot of time on the boat with other anglers and when we were fishing for channel catfish I would sit and watch even the most experienced angler miss fish one after another and they would quickly grow frustrated from missing all the bites and not landing catfish.

Then one day I started fishing with the Secret Catfish Rig and it instantly eliminated all of the problems my clients had with catching channel catfish. It sent my clients catch ratios through the roof and saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year in tackle.


The Best Rig You Will Ever Use For Channel Catfish

The Secret Channel Catfish Rig is hands down the most effective rig I have ever used for fishing for channel catfish and it’s so simple you will be floored at how simple it is to make and how well it works for catching channel catfish.

I spend more time on the water in a month than most anglers will in a year and through that time I have found that there absolutely no rig that is more effective for catching channel catfish than my secret channel catfish rig.

I held onto this secret for a long time only allowing a portion of my clients to fish with and use this rig.


Here Is What The Secret Catfish Rig Will Do For You

  • Stop Missing Bites and Start Catching Catfish
  • Know When A Catfish Comes Anywhere Near Your Bait
  • Stop Guessing When To Set The Hook
  • Stop Paying For Expensive Tackle That Doesn’t Work
  • Start Saving Money (These Rigs Cost Pennies To Make)
  • Easy To Make, Can Be Built In Minutes
  • Simple To Fish With and More Effective Than Any Other Catfish Rig
You will not find the Secret Catfish Rig anywhere else and there is nothing sold in stores that even comes close to working as well.


Just $19.99 Instant Download

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Actual Customer Testimonials

These are real life testimonials from anglers who have purchased the Secret Catfish Rig and started fishing with it.

Chad, Using the same bait, same line, hooks, rod and reels we were catching on average 4 to 1 on the secret catfish rig.  The secret catfish rig caught 4 fish to one each on the slip corks. I’m going to have to retire the slip corks for a while. Who would have thought, a [censored]. Thanks for the book and please keep them coming……Paul

David Kent Secret Catfish Rig Testimonial

Alan Nelson Secret Catfish Rig Testimonial

 Matt Sahar Secret Catfish Rig Testimonial

Stacy Breesawitz Secret Catfish Rig Testimonial


What’s Included In The Secret Channel Catfish Rig eBook?

The ebook walks you through the process of making the secret channel catfish rig. It starts out with some background information on why I use this rig and some details on how I learned about it.

Next you get a detailed walk through on the materials needed to make the secret catfish rig, and exactly where to get each and every one of the materials needed.

Chances are you will have most of these materials laying around your house already, and maybe even all of them. If you don’t have them already we tell you where to get everything you need.

Next I show you how to make the secret catfish rig. This is an in depth step by step walk through that shows you exactly how to make these with step by step photos and details for every single step of the process.

Once you learn how to make the Secret Catfish Rig, then I show you the rigging process and how to set these up for your next catfishing trip. There is a specific way to set these up for maximum effectiveness and I will show you exactly how to do so.

Finally, I give you some basic tips and tricks on fishing for catfish with these rigs. From the best baits to use to exactly how to fish it to assure you are not missing fish, we walk you through every single step of the process.

We also show you a simple “hack” to set these up for night fishing so you can see exactly what is going on when fishing at night, allowing you to catch each and every single fish that comes near your bait.

Last but not least, as an added bonus, we walk you through the process of how to make a popular fishing float that is sold by many different manufacturers for as much as $7 each. These floats are very popular for fishing for catfish and crappie and we show you how to make them for pennies compared to what the “other people” sell them for.


Buy The Secret Catfish Rig eBook Now For::

  • Instant Access – Download the book in minutes and get started right away.
  • Materials list on exactly where to buy the needed material, though you will probably have most of them already
  • Instructions on how to build the secret channel catfish rig, in detail.
  • Step by step instructions with photos on how to build the rig
  • Step by step instructions on rigging with the secret channel catfish rig
  • Basic tips and tricks on fishing with the rig so you are successful catching catfish
  • 100% money back offer. If you are not completely satisfied, you get your money back.


Just $19.99 For Instant Download 

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Free Bonuses

Bonus #1 – The Bonus Catfish/Crappie Float

As an added bonus a step by step walk through on how to make a very popular catfish and crappie float that is manufactured by a variety of manufacturers and catfish bait companies.

These floats are often sold for as much as $7 each and I will show you exactly how to make these popular floats for pennies on the dollar.

This tutorial alone will easily cover the cost of the book.


Bonus #2 – MP3 Audio Companion

To help you get started making and fishing with the secret channel catfish rig I have recorded a special audio companion that you can download and listen to immediately with some tips, tricks and information to help you get started with the secret catfish rig.


Bonus #3 – Lifetime Support

I want you to be successful not only making the secret catfish rig but also fishing with it. The book provides detailed information on exactly how to make the rig step by step but just in case the instructions are not clear, or you are struggling in any way to make or fish with the secret catfish rig, I am here to help.

If at any time you have any problems at all making, rigging or fishing with the secret catfish rig just contact me by email and I will answer any questions you have about the secret catfish rig, making it, rigging it or the basics behind fishing with it.

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Green

100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back

I am so confident in the information in this eBook, and the effectiveness of the secret catfish rig I am offering a 100% money back guarantee on the eBook so there is no risk to you.

Buy the eBook, build the rigs and fish with them. If they are not the absolute best fishing rigs you have ever used for channel catfish, contact us within 30 days of the date of purchase and we will refund your money in full, no questions asked.


P.S. If you fish for channel catfish and you decide not to act on this offer, you are missing out. This is again the best catfish rig you will ever use for channel catfish. Besides, there is no risk to you. if you are not 100% satisfied contact us within 30 days for a full refund.