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Want to learn how to make jug lines, fishing jugs, fishing noodles or whatever you choose to call them? Well you have come to the right place.

If you haven’t read my profile page then stop by there and check it out it gives a good background of my history with jug fishing and catfishing . I am a Texas catfish guide the founder of Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap For Jug Fishing and Trotlines and also Redneck’s Juglines.

Many years ago I invented the Redneck’s Juglines and started a company that was built around providing people with a high quality fishing jug line that was durable, cost effective and easy to fish with.  I did a ton of jug fishing at the time and was not pleased with the jugs I was using so I set out on a quest to build a better jugline that actually worked and would keep me from having a bunch of empty plastic bleach bottles or soda bottles cluttering up my boat.

Through extensive testing and research fishing (It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it) I developed the Redneck’s Original Jugline and the Redneck’s Fish On Flagging Juglines and started selling them commercially. I have sold these jugs to thousands of customers across the United States and more state wildlife departments than I could keep up with.

Over the years my fishing products have been featured in just about every major fishing publication out there including In-Fisherman, Field and Stream, Texas Fish and Game, Texas Parks and Wildife Magazine and countless others. They have even been used on numerous fishing TV shows as well. You can view the press page at Catfishing 247 Networks for more information.

Well, I made a major mistake and did not patent the jug lines and it didn’t take long for “copycats” to come along and start building similar products. It doesn’t seem to have ever hurt my business however because I have built a quality product, and most of my business came from referrals from others who were happy with the product I provided.

A few years back after a major illness I had to take a step back and limit the amount of time that I was investing in Redneck’s Juglines and I scaled back my business and focused on Redneck’s Catfish Bait and my catfish guide service. I am still manufacturing juglines and selling them through Olsen’s Pro Am Fishing Shop (you can call them and order from them for shipping).

It was around this time that many of the copycat fishing jug makers showed up and started trying to sell a similar product and trying to put incorrect plans on the internet for what they claim to be similar products, and I can tell you they will not work as well as these fishing jugs.

Over the past few years I have been working on developing a new fishing jug for jug fishing that will revolutionize the jug fishing world. I am working on patents, dealing with lawyers and taking all of the steps to really do things right with this catfish jug and in all honesty am not in any big hurry to put it on the market, so it will probably not happen for a while, and I want to make sure I have this new catfish jug completely perfected before we start having parts manufactured.

Unlike the new products I have been working on, these can be built from products available from local hardware stores.


The Best Catfish Jug lines For Jug Fishing

Now, let me say that you can probably do some digging on the internet or even take a look at my jug for jug fishing and if you are just a little bit handy figure out the basic nuts and bolts making this style of jug but your not going to learn the tips and tricks that I share about the best way to build the Redneck Original Jug Line and Redneck Flagging Jug Line for jug fishing in this book. Nor will you know the hidden secrets I share about the best materials and the best way to build these fishing jugs, this is the stuff that you won’t find because other folks don’t know about it.

Over the past few months I have been working on writing an e-book on making and building jugs. Here at Learn To Catch Catfish I have posted step by step instructions the other day on rigging juglines and have also posted plans on making drifting juglines for jug fishing as well as a good general overview on jug fishing for catfish.


How To Make Catfish Jug Lines

I have written a 40 page e-book that walks you step by step through how to make and build both styles of fishing jugs, the Redneck Original Jugline and The Fish On Flagging Catfish Juglines.

Thise-book is 40 pages and includes full step by step instructions on how to make jugs like the ones I have sold for years. There are part numbers, links to everything you need and step by step pictures and all of the information you need to make these catfish jugs quickly, efficiently and for the best price.

Some of the topics I cover in this book include:

  • Why you shouldn’t be using swimming pool noodles with holes for making catfish juglines
  • The correct sizes and dimensions for everything for optimum performance
  • Why you shouldn’t use rebar or threaded rod for making “flagging” catfish jugs like other “experts” tell you
  • How to properly assemble the fishing jugs so they will last
  • The quickest and easiest way for cutting materials and assembly that will make them last, unlike those “other guys”
  • Exactly, step by step, with exact dimensions on materials needed and where to get all materials

I have, and will continue to provide free catfish fishing information on Learn To Catch Catfish and have a ton of catfishing tips and catfishing secrets that I use as a catfish guide that will blow you away, you have probably learned some already.

I recognized over the last few years that there are people who want to buy a product, and there are people who want to build.  By sharing this information I could let people have access to the information that I have learned with my years of experience manufacturing thousands and thousands of juglines to make it easier on them and help them build a GOOD product that they will be happy with (not like some teenage kid or drunk in a tool shed making a video on YouTube).

I will still continue to sell Redneck’s Bait Soap and will be selling Redneck’s Juglines as well so if you don’t want to build your own and just want to buy some you can call Olsen’s Pro Am Fishing Shop and inquire to see of they have any of my fishing jugs in stock, but like I said they will be available on a first come first serve basis because I have been and will continue to focus my efforts on Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap, running this website and my catfish guide service.

[Update 02/15/14] We are not manufacturing catfish jugs for the time being. That may change in the future but for now we will not be manufacturing or selling fishing jugs.

These are the most readily available products on the market right now. I have only fished with one of them but have some of the others and will be doing product reviews on them and adding the reviews of these in the future after I have had some time to do some fishing with them.

I will also be adding some additional designs I have used to Learn To Catch Catfish in the future that will help you if you want to build some other jug lines from household materials or materials other than these fishing noodle jug lines.

To get a full in depth training on how to make the best catfish juglines, rigging them and even details on the best baits to use and exactly how to find locations to set your fishing jugs check out our Jug Fishing 101 training course.

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  1. Bob Mueller says:

    Hi Chad:

    Although I do not intend to jug fish, however I have read your posts and looked at your product. (Note that I did not say I looked at your ____s), this is a family post. Your insight into the workd of catfishing is amazing, probably due to your passion for making it better and simpler. I also appreciate your willingness to share information with everyone, instead of always looking for the payday. I my field, Pharmaceuticals, we are faced with “me too” products that take advantage of the hard work of others. They are never as good and other have major problems. I choose to do business with the true sportmen and inventors, like you. I hope other also choose to support someone who will continue to give knowledge and beneficial information to interested sportmen.

    You are a credit to the sport of catfishing and the American Inventors.


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