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Missouri Produces Another Monster Catfish

With just a little over two weeks having passed since Greg Bernal caught the (pending) 130 Lb world record blue catfish in Missouri another angler from Missouri has caught yet another impressive blue catfish from the Mississippi River.

Rick Hastings of Cape Girardeau Missouri landed this monster 115 Lb Blue Catfish.  Hastings hooked the fish and then explains that it dragged the boat for nearly a mile down river while the attempted to reel in the fish.

“It was going down the river and it was pulling the boat all around. We fought it for probably a good half hour to an hour and we were actually going down toward Scott City about a mile from where we’re fishing at.” said Hastings.

The fish has been taken to the wildlife department (DNR) and the anglers are investigating to see if the fish will break any records at this time.

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  1. James Watt says:

    I appreciate you telling us what a avatar is. what is a url? Why do people keep those huge cat fish? I am a fisher man who belives in catch and greese as well as catch and release.I just do not see the benefit these fish provide dead. I assume they still reproduce at the age and size seen in the photos?

    • Takes all kinds I guess. I wish more folks would throw the big catfish back but to each their own I guess. We have made great strides as a sport in the last few years promoting catch and release and I suspect it will only get better with time.

  2. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Chad,

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