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Navionics App For iPhone, iPad and Android


I am a huge fan of Navionics charts and use them every time I fish in my Humminbird 1198. It has major impacts on my fishing for all of the catfish species. There is a major benefit to having this mapping running side by side on your sonar so you can view real time sonar readings with your map at the same time. I rely on this technology heavily when fishing for blue catfish and catching threadfin shad and gizzard shad for catfish bait.

In addition to having the card, Navionics also has what is in my opinion one of the greatest apps every invented for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the Navionics app.

The Navionics app provides the same information available on the card you use in your fishfinder but on your smartphone. I run the Navionics app on my iPhone and use it constantly. Again, there is a huge benefit to having the charts on your screen with your sonar but there are also a ton of reasons to use the Navionics app on your smartphone as well.

The Navionics app is a low cost way to get into having detailed charts and navigation available at a fraction of the cost of the mapping cards, and also a great alternative for those that don’t have a sonar or gps unit on their boats, or those fishing from the bank or shore.

I purchased this when I was switching my fishfinder on my catfish boat to the Humminbird 1198c and used it as a backup for a few days and when I began using this on my iPhone I realized quickly there were a tremendous amount of uses for the application on a phone in addition to or beyond just having the charts in my sonar unit, as it has some additional features above and beyond the SD card.


Main Features Of The Navionics App For iPhone, iPad and Android

Here’s a quick look at some of the main features of the Navionics app:

  • You get access to the detailed water body maps just like on your fishfinder
  • You still have GPS tracking capability to monitor your route
  • You can create waypoints, routes and tracks and share them among other devices (like the PC program)
  • Measure distances
  • Calculate on the water travel time and fuel consumption
  • Take photos of locations and upload them to your map to create references for later (this is an awesome feature)
  • Navionics Newsstand access



This is a core feature of the app that allows you to pull fishing articles online through Navionics. This can be done by location or you can search by keyphrase.

The location search pulls your GPS location and searches for relevant articles within the NewsStand that apply to the area you are in and gives you the ability to download these articles. The keyword search is similar to searching on a web browser for articles and information. Both give you access to articles and information “on the fly” on your smartphone device.

The NewsStand portion is really in it’s infancy (in my opinion) and it is my belief that it will really have an impact on the fishing world as it continues to develop.


Product  Links

The program can be purchased through the following link:

Navionics App Standard


A Quick Video Walkthrough Of Features

Rather than try to explain all of the features and show you exactly how cool the Navionics app is I put together this quick video to walk you through everything. The video also includes an important tip on battery life to save your battery charge when on the water or out fishing and using this program. Watch the video below for more details.



Here are some screen shots of the program to give you another view of exactly what this looks like running on your device.



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  1. butterbean carpenter says:

    TAKE THE CAP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. do they make this app anymore… I can not for the life of me find it on the app store

  3. I think they just got it back up. I couldn’t get it the other week, but it popped back up today.

  4. Been using this App for over a year and its great.. now if they can come up with a good Bluetooth fishfinder for the ipod I could replace all electronics

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