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Oklahoma Catfish – Top Oklahoma Catfishing

oklahoma catfish top oklahoma catfishing destinations

Oklahoma catfishing is red hot on many lakes and rivers in the state and there is no doubt that there is some excellent catfishing at hand. From rod and reel fishing for big catfish on Lake Texoma, to jug fishing on Lake Eufala, or noodling for catfish in the creeks there is no shortage of Oklahoma catfishing destinations.

This is the last video in the series with Charles from CJ’s Catfish Bait where we talk Oklahoma catfish, and Oklahoma’s top catfishing destinations. If you have not already checked out the other videos in the series be sure to read these articles and watch these videos.

In this final video from Learn To Catch Catfish with CJ’s Bait Company I put Charles “on the spot” and ask him to give me his top three catfishing destinations in Oklahoma for catching catfish. Charles fires off his top three picks and throws in a fourth one for good measure!

When I threw this question at Charles I had a running list in my head of the lakes I suspected he would name off and boy was I surprised at how far off I was, because I only got one of the lakes correct.

Now, before I start getting bombarded with emails from all you Okies about this list and all of the “other” lakes you feel should be on the list, just cool your jets and feel free to post your top picks in the comments section below.

This is again the final video in the series with CJ’s Catfish Bait. I really enjoyed putting these together and working with Charles on these videos and have received a lot of positive response on these videos. I do plan on bring others on board in the future and working with other people on some videos so just hang in there. Charles also makes regular runs down to Olsen’s Pro Am Fishing Shop to deliver catfish bait and we have plans in the future to hook up and do some catfishing on one of my lakes so we can shoot some more videos and hang out some more, so keep your eyes out for more in the future.

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