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Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap

Texas Catfish Bait SoapRedneck’s Catfish Bait Soap History

I am a little short on time tonight and have a bunch of articles ready but this seems to be the quickest to get up and posted without a lot of editing, plus I have managed to go since this blog started and have not posted anything much at all about my catfishing products. I have a bunch of posts about my catfish bait and juglines that I will be adding from time to time but I am going to try to keep them to a minimum.

If you have been reading this website for very long you have probably figured out that I manufacture catfish bait and juglines for catfishing.

I started selling Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap on the internet around 2000 or 2001, but sold it locally in the Fort Worth Texas area prior to that time. I wanted to post some information about it, and include some of the history behind it and some more information on using soap as a catfish bait because I think it gives some good insight into who I am, what I do etc.

I have been fishing as long as I can remember. There has never been a time in my life where I can remember not fishing. I grew up on Possum Kingdom lake with my family and there was not much to do on the lake other than fish, ride motorcycles and shoot guns.

We fished all the time and it didn’t matter what the fish were, catfish, striper, bass, perch, bluegill you name it we fished for it. During that time Possum Kingdom Lake was in it’s prime. It was “the” fishing lake in Texas and become renowned for trophy striper, big blue, flathead and channel catfish, and big bass. Rod and reel fishing, running trotlines, you name it, we just wanted to fish. I would go out and set yo-yo’s on our boat dock every night and try to catch fish while I was sleeping and would get up and run down the boat dock every morning to check them.

My grandfather, cousin and my father kept me fishing during this time and we would spend hours fishing for whatever we could catch that day (I even remember fishing with a pocket fisherman during this time). My father did a LOT of catfishing during this time. He would fish for them for hours on end and I guess that probably made a big impression on me at that time.

I kept fishing for them all my life as this always seemed like what produced for me when fishing, and was what I enjoyed the most. I did have a brief period where I started doing some bass fishing but I realized very quickly that the chunking and winding was not for me.

In the late 90’s I started doing a LOT of jug fishing. I was jug fishing with juglines all the time trying different things. I was experimenting with a lot of different baits for jug fishing and was fishing with a lot of setlines like trotlines, limb lines, and pole lines in addition to my day to day rod and reel fishing that I had always done.

I had been using a number of different baits on my juglines, trotlines and setlines and had experimented with just about every bait known that would work on a jugline or trotline trying to find the best thing to use for juglines and trotlines.

It was during this time that someone dug out an old family recipe and gave it to me for catfish bait soap.

I took the recipe and throw it in a file drawer and it sat there for probably close to a year, maybe longer.  One day I was cleaning out a bunch of paperwork getting ready for income taxes and I came across the recipe for the recipe and decided I would make a batch of it.

I knew nothing about making baits nonetheless nothing about making soap. The recipe was very vaque with measurements like 1 package of this, one bucket of this, one handful of this etc but I started collecting ingredients and attempted to make it.

I was mixing the bait in a 5 gallon bucket using a big spoon and making about 25 or 30 bars that weighed about 1/3 of a pound. I probably went through about 15 or 20 batches ofthat ruined because they didn’t sit up, were rock hard, or just didn’t seem right and I threw batch after batch of it in the trash trying to figure out this old recipe and what the tricks were to making this bait soap that had been so successful.

My wife looked at me one day after another failed batch, when I was just about ready to give up and said “I think your problem is the packing of some of these ingredients has changed over the years, and that is causing it to fail”. It was then that I light went off.

I started talking to people and asking around about ingredients and had to even get a couple of manufacturers of some of the ingredients on the phone asking about packaging, and finally I found someone that knew something about making soap. This person helped me by shedding some light on products back when this recipe was written and gave me enough information that through trial and error I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Within two or three batches I had made a batch of catfish bait that everyone agreed appeared to be the right consistency and texture and that looked like this old stuff that was made from this recipe. I immediately started jug fishing with juglines and setting trotlines with it on Eagle Mountain Lake, Marshall Creek, Lake Lewisville and the Brazos River, and we immediately began catching blue and channel catfish with it. Then I started to move on to doing some rod and reel fishing with it.

I fished with it over and over again for months seeing how it worked in different seasons and on different lakes. It was during this time that I was giving it away to friends and fishing acquaintances for them to use.   As I gave it away, I started having other people approach me at the boat ramps and calling my house asking for it so they could use it.

As more people began using it,  I started getting more and more phone calls from people wanting it, and I quickly realized that I couldn’t afford to continue to make this and give it away. I started turning people away when they called or asked me for some of the catfish bait soap. Then they kept calling back and started offering to pay me for it.

It was around this time that I had founded The Texas Catfishing Resource, which was a website I started to post information on fishing for catfish and a message forum for people to discuss catfishing in Texas. I gave some of the bait away to some people on the Texas Catfishing Resource and had sold some for the cost of shipping. Now not only was I getting calls from locals wanting it but I was getting phone calls and emails from all over Texas and Oklahoma as well.

After some lengthy discussions with my wife, I started making the baitand planned to sell some of what I made for enough to cover my cost of making it and my time, meanwhile the phone was still ringing and the emails were still coming in, and I was still making the stuff a few pounds at a time.

I started tinkering around with different ways to make it in a bigger quantity, and again had many failures and I started mixing about fifty pounds at a time. Growing weary from the phone calls and emails, it was starting to consume my time with my family, so we started the website, and Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap was born.

Here I am, making this about 50 lbs at a time and we have launched the website. I am thinking I will mix up a hundred pounds and will have enough to last through the Summer. WRONG.

Within weeks of launching the website the orders started flying in through the internet and the phone calls were coming in more and more. I had listed my home phone number as the company contact for Redneck Outdoors and we were being woken up at 2 and 3 in the morning with people wanting to order and wanting to talk about fishing. I was making it day and night 50 lbs at a time trying to keep up with orders, plus was trying to ship packages and do everything on my own.

I quickly realized that I had a problem on my hands and had to shift gears and either stop selling it, or treat it like a business.

My father and I started trying to figure out how to make more in one batch, and started experimenting with ways to streamline the process and I eventually got to the point where I could make more at one time, and had to bring in some neighborhood teenagers to work for me helping me make it.

I still make the catfish bait soap today the same way, though I still have trouble meeting demands and keeping up with production. I am exploring some ways to increase the amounts I can make so I can meet additional sales volumes, as the business continues to grow every year beyond my wildest dreams.

I still make it at home and I personally make every batch of Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap myself, so it is truly still homemade. I have a few people that help me now and then with packaging and other areas, but I do all the mixing and preparation myself from start to finish, and closely guard the secrets behind the recipe that has been in the family for so many years.

I have had offers to put it in huge retail stores, big box outdoor stores, and have even been approached by people who wanted to buy the business or form partnerships and start manufacturing Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap in big manufacturing facilities for mass sales, but have turned them down. I have seen many baits rise and fall through all the years I have been fishing and getting too big has put many of them out of business or made them produce and sell an inferior product.

I enjoy dealing with the people, I enjoy making it(most of the time) and I enjoy hearing about peoples success  with Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap, that is what keeps me going with making it.

I keep it simple, with simple packaging and not a lot of bells and whistles for this reason, so we can produce the best manufactured bait for jug fishing (juglines), trotlines, and any other forms of setlines that is on the market today.

Over the years a couple of “copycats” have attempted to take simple recipes and throw a couple of ingredients in and sell them, but they don’ catch fish like ours and have not lasted long. I guess the fact that the Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap has been catching catfish for around 70 years now says a lot.

Catfish Bait That Stays On The Hook

This is just a short video thats shows Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap and shows how well it stays on the hook, which is why it is such a good bait for jug fishing (juglines), trotlines and setlines.This video shows it soaking in water on a hook for over 21 hours and that it stays on the hook so well during this time period that it did not fall of the hook.

It can also be very effective for rod and reel fishing (it is not just a jugline bait or trotline bait). I have a number of customers that use it for bank fishing because it stays on  the hook so well when casting long distances. I also have a number of customers that catch a lot of catfish drift fishing with the catfish bait soap as well.

If you have questions comment below or send us an email from our “ask a question” page and we will respond or get your answers posted on the website.

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    Where can I buy this? I’d like to try it in a small lake where I fish.
    It has some huge fish in it.

  2. Matthew Moore says:

    hey Chad if you use shad on rod and reel why don’t you use it on the trotlines or use the soap for rod and reel

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