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Slip Cork Catfishing With Punch Baits


Slip corking for catfish is a slang term that refers to the catfishing technique of fishing with a slip bobber rig. There are many different popular catfish rigs that can be used for catching channel catfish but catfishing with a slip cork is hands down my preferred method of catching catfish using punch baits, dip baits and other forms of prepared baits.

This is one of my “go to” techniques for putting up huge numbers of fish when I am fishing for channel catfish.

The setup provides a few key advantages over other catfish rigs (like the slip sinker rig).

  • Uses the top of the water as a reference point
  • Depth can be adjusted quickly and easily
  • Provides a visual aid for monitoring bites
  • Allows for greater sensitivity above and beyond many other forms of rigging

This video is the next one in the series with Charles from CJ’s Catfish Bait Company where we are covering catfishing with punch baits. If you haven’t read the first article and video where Charles talks about CJ’s Catfish Bait, make sure you check that one out also.

Charles is a die hard fisherman and while he enjoys crappie fishing as well he loves catching catfish with his baits. He fishes for blue catfish and channel catfish from the bank using his punch bait and a special setup based on a float that is manufactured by his company.

I have mentioned several times that I use a similar setup but that I don’t use a standard float like you buy in stores because the setup that I use provides much greater sensitivity for catching catfish. The rig and float that is outlined in this article is somewhat similar to what I use but I make my own corks and the rigging process is pretty different. I will get into my secret channel catfish rig at some point but that’s another article for another day.

Charles does most of his catfishing from the shore (aka bank fishing) but there are some key points that he covers in this video with me that I have been trying to emphasize since day one.

Some of the topics covered in this catfishing video are:

You can find out more CJ’s Bait Company through their website

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  1. another helpful video chad. its cool to think that diffrent people end up making slip corks alike for the same reason in dependently. I do have questions because of that. how do you hold the rod on your guide boat and then have your customer reel in the fish because that would be alittle weared? also do you ever us cj’s catfish cork or is yours better designed for your needs?

    • I don’t hold rods or catch fish. My clients hold their rods and I watch the corks and guide them through the process. The only time I ever set the hook on fish is when people are struggling to do so themselves or say the fish are not biting when I know they are. The cork I use is more sensitive than what Charles has showed in this video. It is SIGNIFICANTLY lighert therefore it has a much greater degree of sensitivity. It’s something I have been very tight lipped about in the past but am probably going to share here before to long.

  2. Just proves that history repeats itself. Theses techniques and rigging were professed by Doug Stange and Toad Smith in the In-Fisherman book series on Catfish Fever. Especially using long Euro-rods and how to drift them for proper presentation to the catfish usin slip floats. This book was written in 1989. I highly recommend that anyone find this book and study it in-depth. I believe it is still available through the In-Fisherman book store. Probably one of the best for in-depth info on channel catfishing that I have found.

    • I have never read the book but have seen many testimonials and articles from Stange on his affection for long limber fishing rods when catfishing. I will see if I can’t look that book up one of these days.

      • Chad, if you can’t find one, I’ll trade you my extra one for one of your “secret” slip floats! Thanks for the site, Gene.

  3. Unless my server is wrong, CJ’s web site has been suspended. Anyone having trouble going to CJ’s web site?

  4. Bob Mueller says:

    Chad another great post. CJ’s site has been suspended, but Chad has a slip bobber post in the archive. The straight forward talk is great.

  5. Great site keep up the good work I’m learning a lot thanks

  6. Chris Fuller says:

    Great video. I hope a lot of people try this method. I use it on dip and punch bait.

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