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Southwest Outdoors Report [Hosted By Chad Ferguson]

I’ve been working with my friend Barry Stokes who hosts the Southwest Outdoors Report on Fox Sports Southwest for over ten years doing shows with him on catfish fishing. I’ve made a seven or eight appearances on the show in the past covering different catfishing information.

Several weeks ago Barry contacted me and asked me to host one of the¬†Southwest Outdoors Report shows in his place. Rather than being the second wheel helping out I’d be hosting the entire show and walking through everything start to finish (and doing it solo).

Southwest Outdoors ReportLast week I wrapped up another media deal I’ve been working on and we made several attempts to get on the water and film with success.

Texas weather was full blown crazy and we spent days dodging lightning storms, freezing cold, high winds, pouring down rain, sleet, snow and even a little ice while trying to find a “window” to film. Finally we got a break of about five hours where it looked remotely possible to get on the water so we ran out and managed to film what we needed in short order.

The show covers winter blue catfish so you’ll be able to pickup some relevant tips for this time of year regardless of where in the United States you’re fishing.

We were fishing 48 hours behind a massive front with an air temperature difference of over 40 degrees and a massive drop in water temperature which made for some challenging conditions.

I wanted to catch some trophy blue catfish on anchor but the fish were scattered post front and we were on a time crunch so we ended up drift fishing.

I wanted to get this sent out to everyone by email before the show aired but “life happened” and never got around to it so I’m posting it late. The show has already aired this week.

There is a “sneak preview” of the show below to get you started. The full episode will be available next week so I’ll update this post with the full version as soon as it’s available.

Let me know what you think of my first “official” television hosting gig in the comments below!

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Here’s The Southwest Outdoors Report “Sneak Peek” Video

(Full Episode To Follow)

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